Legal Action Against 5G response to campaigner Alan M Dransfield

Dear Alan Dransfield, We are pleased to see a growing number of articles publishing the many implications, in addition to the substantiated health effects about which the public is largely uninformed, from the ‘roll-out’ of 5G. This works in our favour.For example, The Daily Telegraph has published one such that refers to “the ‘Trojan Horse’ technology” that poses “a wide ranging threat to UK national security”.“China has the ability to spy on millions of people in Britain by ‘weaponising’ microchips embedded in cars, domestic appliances and even lightbulbs, ministers have been warned. “The modules can collect and transmit data via the 5G phone network, allowing China to monitor the movements of intelligence targets including people, arms and supplies, and to use the devices, millions of which are already in use in the UK, for individual espionage.”It goes on: “Ministers have completely failed to grasp the threat posed by the ‘pervasive presence’ of the modules known as cellular IoTs. “Among devices containing the modules are: laptop computers, voice-controlled smart speakers, smart watches, smart energy meters, fridges, light-bulbs and other appliances that can be con­trolled through an app; body-worn police cam­eras; door­bell cam­eras and secur­ity cam­eras; bank card pay­ment machines, cars and even baths. The spy­ing poten­tial is vast.” next news piece is from the geopolitical publication, Foreign Policy, the title of which is: ‘Smart’ Cities are Surveilled Cities: When everyone and everything is connected, the door is open to all kinds of digital threats. “By one estimate, there are over a thousand smart city projects underway around the world. Notwithstanding global enthusiasm for hyperconnected cities, this futuristic wired urban world has a dark side. What’s more, the pitfalls may soon outweigh the supposed benefits. “That’s because ‘smart’ is increasingly a euphemism for surveillance. Cities in at least 56 countries worldwide have deployed surveillance technologies powered by automatic data mining, facial recognition, and other forms of artificial intelligence. “Whether they are in China or elsewhere, smart cities are usually described in benign terms with the soothing promise of greener energy solutions, lower-friction mobility, and safer streets.”Yet in a growing number of places from New York to Hong Kong, there are growing concerns about the ways in which supercharged surveillance is encroaching on free speech, privacy, and data protection. But the truth is that facial recognition and related technologies are far from the most worrisome feature of smart cities. And, of course, there is this problem too: “Desperate need to recycle metals from gadgets as mining becomes unsustainable “The recycling of discarded electronic gadgets must urgently be increased. Mining the Earth for metals to make new gadgets is unsustainable, scientists have said. “A new campaign run by the Royal Society of Chemistry is drawing attention to the unsustainability of continuing to mine for materials used in consumer technology.”Professor Tom Welton, president of the Royal Society of Chemistry, said: “Our tech consumption habits remain highly unsustainable and have left us at risk of exhausting the raw elements we need.”None of the above will come as any great surprise to you, our supporters. 5G has serious consequences, now being brought to wider attention. Here’s one from New York:“If we were to ask, ‘Has there been long term studies on the safety of 5G wireless transmission?’ [sic], the answer would be no. Let’s remember that in early 2022 there were mainstream news headlines about the airline industry complaining that 5G towers near airports would emit frequencies causing disruption to airline navigation systems. It shouldn’t be hard to imagine what these frequencies do to living cells”.Our Case We are also writing to give a fuller account of where the campaign now stands, and to appeal for further contributions from potential and past donors, without whose support we could not possibly have brought the case to its present critical juncture. We are acutely aware that now is not a great time to be asking for further donations, especially when you have already been so generous, when facing high winter fuel bills and general macroeconomic headwinds, and it pains us to do so.We should especially point out that data protection restrictions at the Crowd Justice funding website mean that we cannot access contact details of our donors, so our only means to thank you is through updates like this one. Your donations are deposited into an escrow account held for the lawyers and inaccessible to ourselves, though all disbursements are made with our agreement.We hope you will find the following of interest:, to any who remain sceptical that our case is winnable or worth the time and expense, we would say that this avenue for redress simply had to be explored and that the team has built the very best legal case it is humanly possible to advance. We’re doing this because we care deeply; we’re doing it for all humanity and we’re doing it together with you, our financial supporters and a small team of dedicated unpaid volunteer researchers and contributors, who have given generously of their time and energy and indeed from their personal financial resources.You may be aware from the previous case update that our judicial review hearing in the High Court on 13th December 2022 was postponed. That day, our lead barrister Michael Mansfield KC unfortunately sustained a leg injury that although not serious, nevertheless left him somewhat shaken and requiring a visit to A&E. Presiding Judge Stacey was most accommodating in offering us not only adjournment but also the opportunity to extend the hearing duration to a day and a half, giving us more time in which to present our extensive case. She also echoed our own heartfelt gratitude to the many supporters who courageously braved freezing weather and transport disruptions to attend in person. Those of us present in the courtroom felt a very human warmth and compassion from Judge Stacey, which was at once reassuring if somewhat unexpected!The judicial review hearing will now take place on the 6th and 7th February at the Royal Courts of Justice, Strand, London WC2A 2LL. Please see Details for Rescheduled Court Hearing on our website.About the Case Preparing for this legal action has been a truly colossal undertaking, the magnitude and expense of which may not be readily apparent. Our legal team, led by Michael Mansfield, comprises three eminent and dedicated barristers with an impressive track record of success at judicial review, supported by one very capable and hard-working junior barrister, together with paid full-time staff in their respective chambers. Their collective belief in our cause and commitment to furthering it is especially notable. The barristers have worked like Trojans throughout nigh-on three years of the campaign to date. Their many tasks have included:Gathering and curating a large amount of evidence in the form of hundreds of scientific papers, each of which required detailed scrutiny;Gathering and curating witness statements;Painstaking searches of relevant statute and case law to identify legal principles and precedents that conform to the narrow permission profile under which this judicial review was granted, supported by secondary source citations and summarised in an extensive Table of Authorities;Risk assessment and gap analysis of the Government’s approach to licensing, planning and regulation of radio-frequency radiation;Participation in meetings to develop legal strategy and subsequent documentation thereof;Meetings and conversations with the claimants;Preparation of letters, emails, etc.;Telephone calls and other communications;General administration;Negotiation with the defendants’ legal counsel around the scope of evidence and legal arguments;Analysis of defence arguments and development of rebuttals;Preparation of voluminous documentation ‘bundles’ of court papers, evidence and skeleton arguments, requiring careful pagination and extensive internal and external cross-referencing.The barristers have ongoing costs of their own to meet: chambers to run, utility and service bills, staff salaries, clerks entitled to case commission, High Court fees, Crowd Justice commission and escrow account fees. Then there are travel, accommodation, subsistence and incidentals. However, we now unfortunately lack the funds to make further appropriate and fully justified payments to our legal team. 5G is the facilitator for the many connecting issues that we face and do not welcome. If you could possibly help with a donation, we would be eternally grateful.With our thanks Legal Action Against 5GCopyright © 2023 Legal Action Against 5G, All rights reserved. You are receiving this email because you opted in via our website.

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