Grenfell firefighters have cancer and leukaemia

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Subject: [New post] Grenfell firefighters have cancer and leukemia. Why isn’t this all over the mainstream news?

Site logo imageVox PoliticalGrenfell firefighters have cancer and leukemia. Why isn’t this all over the mainstream news?Mike SivierJan 17Where’s the mainstream news coverage of this (apart from in the Mirror, obviously)? Hero firefighters who fought the 2017 Grenfell Tower blaze are being diagnosed with cancers and leukaemia at a startling rate. An investigation found that over a dozen of the firefighters involved may face untreatable illnesses, including digestive cancers. 72 people died in the […]Read more of this post

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2 Responses to Grenfell firefighters have cancer and leukaemia

  1. vexatiousking says:

    quell surprise. The Grenfell Fire INTERIM REPORT was NEVER published so HTF the Public Inquiry managed to complete their report Beggars belief. I also note with a wry smile FOIA requests fro info on the Fire have been refused on the Dransfield Vexatious BS.


  2. vexatiousking says:

    Ditto for the Met Police/HSE/Met Police Investigations. The Met Police are far TOO busy with the rape and pillage programme to worry about serious crimes


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