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Disgusting and Scary: Forced Hospitalization of Dr. Mel Bruchet

A retired Canadian doctor was locked up for 25 days.
Tessa Lena
Jan 8

This is a story I am writing with great disgust.

It’s about the forced hospitalization of Dr. Mel Bruchet, a retired “dissident” physician in Canada who was kept in the hospital for 25 days against his will, treated like a criminal, force-medicated with anti-psychotics, and possibly had a stroke as a result of that medication.Are we human anymore?According to his colleague, Dr. Daniel Nagase, Dr. Mel Bruchet is a grandfather in his 80s who retired from an active career just three years ago. Sharp, no criminal record.The logic on which they violated his being is the totalitarian logic. What else?

Earlier from Jessica Rose:“Dr. Mel Bruchet is a retired Canadian physician who has recently spoken out about the above background reported still births occurring at Lions Gate Hospital in British Columbia, Canada. Dr. Daniel Nagase has also been speaking out on the subject of above background reporting of miscarriages in Canadian women.A few days later, it has been reported that Dr. Bruchet has been taken against his will and had a psych diagnosis assigned to him so that he can be ‘medicated’. Dr. Nagase has become a very prominent voice for the females suffering these losses and for the unborn children they will never get to raise. Will he be next? Will you still think this is ok? Just two weeks to flatten the curve has turned into black-baggery pretty fast, eh? Dr. Bruchet has been speaking about the incomprehensible blocking of ivermectin by corrupt government officials as well. He is only abiding by his Oath to do no harm and is has been ‘taken away’ for it. This happened this week in CANADA.

The video I posted here is footage of Dr. Bruchet and Dr. Nagase filing their police report against Bonnie Henry for malfeasance (my words) and severe conflicts of interest. This is absolutely the right way to go about this.Here is a recent interview about Dr. Mel Bruchet. It’s on Facebook, so probably watch it sooner rather than later, before it gets taken down.

And here are some thoughts from Mark Crispin Miller:
While such forcible faux-medical detention of the non-compliant has been rare in the United States, psychiatric diagnosis—or something that sounds kinda like it—has been deployed time after time, deliberately or out of ignorance, to cast dissidents, or whistleblowers, or any other inconvenient witnesses as cracked. This tactic, or error, is known as the “Martha Mitchell effect”—”the process,” notes Wikipedia, “by which a psychiatrist, psychologist, mental health clinician, or other medical professional labels a patient’s accurate perception of real events as delusional, resulting in misdiagnosis.” The feisty wife of John Mitchell, Nixon’s Attorney General during Watergate, was thus very publicly “misdiagnosed” as suffering from “paranoia” back in 1972, after she tried to blow the whistle on that scandal (by telling UPI reporter Helen Thomas what she knew about it). Although she was never formally detained in a facilitythat slur induced the media, and, therefore, everybody else, to write her off as loco, until her vindication when the scandal finally broke (and she was belatedly honored as “the Cassandra of Watergate”).

Mark also points out a striking thing. During the times of slavery in America, the “science” of that time declared that a slave’s desire to run away stemmed from mental illness (cured by extensive whipping).

And here we are in 2022. Anything changed?!!


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