FRENCH LETTER: a tight Presidential runoff, but without real change?

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I’m not in France right now because I want to be, I’m here because I have to be. Relocation plans exploded in my face, and I needed to remake a different life from an established base. This is actually a parallel to what is happening in relation to the numbers vaxed and boosted now being proudly shown off by grubby dictators across the globe. Not only are the numbers obviously conflated, many people have taken the jab (literally) on board not because they wanted to, but because they were first of all frightened, and then because they were blackmailed. As I posted last night, ‘These are not vaxed out of free choice: but rather, because their instincts have been raped by threats of an unbearably diluted life without healthcare, citizenship, holidays, visits to beloved family members, restaurant or employment.’

It seems to me that – especially among the most…

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