Blackrock, Vanguard and Pharma Executives Are Making a Killing from A Crisis They Helped to Create

The Free

Stockholders banking on the Covid injections to line their pockets have very merry news this holiday season as they rake in the returns from a raging bull market on Moderna and Pfizer shares.

Billions of us are now Vaccine Junkies for next faulty Booster fix, with vanishing Natural Immunity

Meanwhile vaccine effectiveness has gone sharply negative (worse than useless!)as any defense is wearing off leaving the vaccinated ‘immunity-free’.

Even so the pharma/corporate/media have triumphed, just by declaring the same vaccines effective amid hyped up Omicron hysteria (despite suppressed evidence, see: Covid-19 Vaccine is 32 Times Less Effective Against Omicron).

Public acceptance of the surreal vaccine “narrative” is nosediving. Yet we are forced to take the boosters to qualify for vaccine passports. But the boosters’ protection lasts just a few months, (New Scientist) if they work at all. … So now we are Pfizer’s pet junkies.

Now we are…

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