Vaccine Passports … ICONOCLAST one to one – with Melissa Ciummei

Return to Bomb Alley – The Falklands Deception, by Paul Cardin

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1 Response to Vaccine Passports … ICONOCLAST one to one – with Melissa Ciummei

  1. chris says:

    ‘This Pivotal Moment’ is a powerful video highlighting the imminent danger that vaccine passports pose to freedom in democratic societies. In the 10 days since it was released on YouTube it has had over 270k views on that channel alone, been translated into thirteen languages and dubbed into three. It has been tweeted or shared by Joe Rogan, Bret Weinstein, Max Igan and Catherine Austin Fitts.
    It’s received an enormous amount very positive feedback so far as it’s designed to be inclusive, not divisive, so that it can be shared with anyone regardless of their stance on the COVID narrative. I believe that we need to bridge the gap between those who can see though the lies and those still wedded to the approved narrative and I think that this video can contribute to that unification. The last thing we need right now is more polarisation.

    It can be viewed here:
    And here:
    It’s also available on Telegram at


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