Thinking Aloud. What If … There’s a Globalist Double Bluff? Article first published on on 12th March 2021

Wirral In It Together

Article first published on The Duran

Greetings readers! Let’s imagine we’re a mob of refuseniks, malcontents, swivel-eyed, tongue-lolling, whacko “anti-vaxxers”, and hordes of angry, prowling mainstream journos now have us cornered and in their sights.

It’s Rough

Our vulnerable, exposed butt cheeks have swung into view. We’re lined up in the fact-checkers’ crosshairs and they’re about to give us both barrels. The newspapers did their utmost to convince readers like us, but zero debate of the vaccine pros and cons and page after page of gaslighting on the dangers of non-compliance was never going to cut it. All those emotionally blackmailing headlines, instead of making us ashamed and guilty, got us fired up, spoiling for a fight, and opting out. No way would smart, enlightened activists like us drop pour banners, put out the flames, trot dutifully along to the local clinic, sit still, roll up our sleeves, smile and…

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Campaigner for open government. Wants senior public servants to be honest and courageous. It IS possible!
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