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Landmark Kaiser Case
“…Kaiser and the government worked hand-in-hand in a way that is illegal, and I am going to explain exactly how they did that…””This lawsuit has world-class expertise to inform the court, inform the American people…”
University of Nevada Student Brings Suit Against the University of Nevada for Unlawful Discrimination Against the Covid Recovered
From the Press Release: “An undergraduate student at the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR) filed suit against Governor Sisolak, the State Department of Health, and the UNR Board of Regents. Nevada Attorney Adam Fulton and Attorney Joey Gilbert brought the lawsuit November 8, 2021, in federal court, in the United States District Court of Nevada. The Complaint opposes a vaccination mandate on the basis that students who have recovered from Covid-19 have natural immunity to the disease and thus should not be forced to take the vaccine.”
Frontline Films
…thanks to God and America’s Frontline Doctors I kicked the crap out of COVID. You, Dr. Fauci, are a liar and a killer.
Latest Videos
…Kaiser and the government worked hand-in-hand in a way that is illegal, and I am going to explain exactly how they did that.
…let’s talk about critical thinking, related to free speech and how to go about your life.
I am going to prep you for the next lie. Don’t allow yourself to have amnesia. They are going to start telling you about ‘hybrid immunity’. That is the next lie. “
Frontline Flash
A pilot with Southwest Airlines chants Let’s Go Brandon over the airplane’s intercom.
… there are over 4000 different adverse events reported to VAERS from the Covid vaccine
New suit filed against UNR, Nationwide Strike to protest the jab mandate, Pfizer CEO pulls a #Haman
Frontline News
Troubling increase in cardiac emergencies. What’s going on?
“…a Republic, madam, if you can keep it.
“a growing trend of attacking, vilifying, and censoring any doctor who does not conform to the establishment…”
“How can you tell the difference between information and propaganda?”
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