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Good day everyone!

I’ve just spent a little over an hour, watching a superb presentation by Dr David Martin.

I don’t know exactly what his background is but he has deep knowledge of patents, among a range of other skills. I believe he’s also a kind of spooks’ spook, in that he’s been, for many years, an advisor to the covert services in the USA.

I do think he’s genuine & on our side, the side which recognises that there is an ongoing criminal conspiracy, originating YEARS prior to the reported emergence of a novel coronavirus in China.

The perpetrators clearly planned every step necessary for the establishment of today’s status quo.

It’s essential you become aware of the roles of Anthony Fauci, Dr Ralph Baric, Bill Gates, plus others, in creating a chimeric modified coronavirus, the relevant patents & the propaganda.

On a separate but completely connected series of transactions, including Christian Drosten in Berlin (design of the PCR test), Jeremy Farrar at Wellcome Trust (who, with good friends Gates & Fauci, control almost TWO THIRDS of the global, annual spend on biomedical research), Neil Ferguson (deliberately fraudulent, fear-inducing modelling of pandemics) & yet others.

This entire episode is a FRAUD, designed to subjugate every liberal democracy in the world & to impose digital ID on all human beings (via vaccine passports), which is why the global economy & financial system in being damaged BEYOND REPAIR, so that a replacement global governance system can be introduced.

If you want, you can continue to think of this as to do with a virus, counter-measures & public health. While you do that, however, the group of entities & people, which David Martin describes as “the pirates”, will be continuing their one-way journey of humanity, right through the gates of hell to a world of totalitarian tyranny, which can NEVER BE REVERSED.

SO, PLEASE: if you do NOTHING ELSE TODAY but this, watch the presentation given by David Martin, download a copy of Martin’s “piratical dossier” and then to share it with EVERYONE YOU KNOW.

I don’t know how we end this, but it’s got to involve aiming for the heart of the beast, those individuals & entities clearly responsible for the generation of every aspect of what evolved unto a global hot mess of stripped away civil rights which will never be freely returned.

I will add links momentarily.

We have to all pull on this, by seizing each & every opportunity to jolt people out of their psychosis or silent complicity.

We have all been lied to, we’re being lied to today & we will be lied to tomorrow.

What we may understand is the situation is in fact entirely fraudulent.

People need to be shaken out of this appallingly plausible but entirely fictitious “global public health emergency”.

The virus, even if it’s exactly as described by the authorities, is essentially of the same morbidity & mortality of a bad, seasonal influenza.

As with other respiratory viruses, this represents a serious health threat to those close to the end of their lives, by virtue of age & comorbidities.

There is absolutely no reason therefore to be terrified by it, to the extent that our civil liberties must be stripped away in order to counter it.

There are very good, early treatments for this viral pneumonia, so there is just NO REASON WHATSOEVER to even need a Covid19 vaccine. None at all.

These experimental phase, gene-based agents are not even needed in order to counter this pathogen.

These “vaccines” don’t work well enough to justify their administration in huge numbers of people around the world.

Finally, they are the most horribly dangerous substances ever injected into people under the label of “vaccines”.

This has got to stop. We must all play whatever part role we can in order to make it collapse.

There’s much more to do, but we will prevail.

Best wishes,

Dr Mike Yeadon

About Wirral In It Together

Campaigner for open government. Wants senior public servants to be honest and courageous. It IS possible!
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