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I’m in the unusual position of so far not knowingly making any serious enemies on our side of the battle.

I’m often this way. I respect different viewpoints & while I’m sure of a number of things, I’m not sure about far more.
So this is a bit tricky.

I like & admire Robert Malone. I think he’s been courageous in unloading at medical interventions he was involved in inventing, he’s done some odd things recently. Specifically & only in relation to Dr Geert Vanden Bossche.

GVB I can’t figure out at all. When he first emerged, apparently on our side, he talked gobbledegook, immunologically speaking. He never or almost never speaks of T-cell epitope repertoire. He over focusses on near irrelevant circulating antibodies.

He told the world that the covid19 vaccines were dangerous & should be halted. No one censored his many videos. Why not?

When I called for their non approval on grounds, most of which have since been shown to be correct, I was driven off all main platforms, lied about and even personally mentioned on the BBC (that Emma Barnett is stupid, and is personally responsible for elevated vaccination rates in pregnant women in U.K., after her appalling, untruth-strewn Womens Hour podcast, during which she lied about me (her producer subsequently deleted that segment, conceding they’d gone wrong, though as I pointed out to her, it wasn’t an accident, but a policy decision, not to give me the “right to reply”).

So I’m left, still not trusting GVB & being a little converged for, rather than about, Dr Robert Malone.

I’ve done stupid things, too, so maybe it’s nothing more than that?

Meanwhile, here’s a good piece by Rosemary Frei, a careful researcher in benighted Canada.

We’ve not been in contact recently. These are my own views.

Best wishes & please, remain vigilant & open minded.


Dr Mike Yeadon

About Wirral In It Together

Campaigner for open government. Wants senior public servants to be honest and courageous. It IS possible!
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