Jurgen Klopp: Liverpool manager says vaccine is ‘not a limit on freedom’


Liverpool players go down on bended knee before Big Pharma…

On Merseyside, football is like a religion.

“The word fanatic has been used many times.. I think it’s more than fanaticism. It’s a religion to them. The thousands who come here, come to worship.. it’s a sort of shrine, it isn’t a football ground.”

The above are the words of legendary Liverpool manager, Bill Shankly.

For Jurgen Klopp to make such a departure from his own area of expertise – kicking a ball around – and to come out with these public health comments is really reckless.

And he should know it. Lots of football fans and celebrity followers look up to people like him. The thousands / millions of fans, glued to their TV sets, and who worship such football figureheads can be heavily influenced, even when making their own personal health decisions.

These people may be pushed off the fence and into taking this experimental gene therapy for themselves or even their children. The gene therapy / spike protein / creation of nanoparticles process is irreversible and there exists no legal recourse if you are adversely impacted or die. The manufacturers made sure of that way back.

We have NO IDEA of the potential adverse effects in the months and years to come.

Klopp really should have researched the subject area before carelessly opening his mouth to help the BBC. If he’d made some private enquiries, he’d have quickly discovered – even from mainstream sources – that Pfizer, the first company to receive emergency use authorisation for its experimental gene therapy, had been found to have engaged in repeated criminal conduct over the last 20 years and in the US alone, had been fined $4.7 billion.

Did Pfizer go down the path of repeated criminality in order to protect or fight on behalf of its customers?

If he’d bothered his arse to research these issues, I think he could have educated himself, then had second thoughts.

FFS, the stakes are so high, our children – virtually unthreatened by SARS-COV-2- are now being lined up for these experimental injections.

All of Klopp’s other public attitudes around supporting Liverpool fans / Hillsborough / The Scum newspaper are admirable and flawless.

But on this desperately important subject, he is wrong. Not only is he abusing his position of influence, but he can only be speaking from ignorance…

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Campaigner for open government. Wants senior public servants to be honest and courageous. It IS possible!
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1 Response to Jurgen Klopp: Liverpool manager says vaccine is ‘not a limit on freedom’

  1. Er… it’s not a ‘vaccine’ !


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