Starmer Goes Totalitarian at Labour Party Conference with Claques, Intimidation and Nazi Catchphrases

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Obviously, not so much totalitarian that the hecklers at his conference weren’t taken away by the secret police and shot, or sent to a concentration or gulag. Nevertheless, the cut-price Stalin seems to have learned a few tricks from the great dictators down the ages. Such as the use of his supporters, who, it has been alleged had been specially bussed in. Mike has posted a tweet on his blog from a woman, which claims that the supporters who duly applauded him were day visitors, who had been specially taken to the conference. Even so, the turnout to hear him was abysmal. Whereas Corbyn, despite the abuse and vilification, could fill halls and have crowds gather to hear him, there were supposedly still plenty of empty seats.

I think previous tyrants, who’ve used claques to suggest they were far more popular than they actually were include some of the notorious…

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