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“Historical perspective: during Covid, we have been subjected to social experiments on a scale never seen before in the entire history of humanity. This is no exaggeration: even in the darkest days of World War I and II, during for example the German bombing of London, curfews were imposed, but never complete lockdowns (a word that derives its original meaning from the 19th Century penal system–the prison being the paradigmatic environment of total control). Normal people with any sense of history should find this sobering.” Aaron Kheriaty, MD
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Michael Parker: On 9/11, Why America is in a Controlled Collapse, & the Great Reset

Host and producer Michael Parker discusses the censorship of information, the media-state partnership, and woke culture. He talks about 9/11 and his work with Dylan Avery, who produced the first internet blockbuster “Loose Change: 9/11” and the upcoming “Unspeakable”, for which Michael wrote music. He gives his view on where he thinks the United States is headed, why he thinks America is in “societal freefall” and a “controlled collapse”, likely hyperinflation, the Afghanistan debacle, and war with China. We discuss the Great Reset and whether China is on board or has turned on the elites.
“If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—for ever.” George Orwell
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