Agustín Carstens: would you buy a dieting régime from this man?

Ah, a Mexican politician. Must be legit…………..

The Slog

In this, the latest in an occasional series about the ethereal ‘They’ behind the Brave New World Order, The Slog examines the ultra-slim rationale behind fat-headed proposals from the BIS for “reform” of the paper-and-coin physical cash system. The Conclusion reached is that the plans are high in systemicness, and low in realityness.

Apologies for the late arrival of this post. It would’ve gone out at 9.15 am, but an interface with French bureaucracy that should’ve taken ten minutes took over two hours

The somewhat bulky gentleman to your left is the boss of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), Agustín Guillermo Carstens Carstens. Clearly, one Carstens wasn’t enough for him…judging by his build, in fact, one of anything is never quite enough for Agustín. It’s the sort of build that could be Built Back Better…unless the aim is to Build Better Billy Bunter Backs & Bottoms. In 2018…

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