This was Freedom Day. But we’re all Julian Assanges now

My daughter is slightly autistic, takes things too literally and interpreted “freedom day” as our freedom being granted to us for 24 hours. I laughed, corrected her and suggested it actually means “no freedom for the rest of our lives”. I SO wish her version had been right. Offered that, I’d have bitten their hands off

The Slog

Lines on the nature of persecution

Locked up, and deprived of the conviviality that makes us human. Solitary confinement – the go-to torture employed by Communist behemoths – is what it really is; but this generation of inhuman perverts will only ever call murder a necessary imperative, drug-trial falsification a Sechuan lie, or demonised leper colonies a precaution for the good of humanity…the one dimension they so blatantly lack.

Hardly a surprise, then, that the one thing remaining firmly in place as Freedom Day draws to an undignified close is House Arrest. That both the PM and the Health Secretary are themselves undergoing isolation gives me little ironic relief – although it is, unintentionally, hilarious: a man who has been double-jabbed gains no protection from the virus, and a man who’s been both jabbed and gained personal immunity naturally acquired, is still considered dangerously infective. Up is down…

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