Why is Facebook known in our house as “Base Fuck”?

Because it fucks the base, knowingly, repeatedly and with steady and relentless purpose. This fucking feature is a crucial, clever, carefully concealed clause of the sales model, the mission statement and the broken ethos.

We’re not being absolute here. Some Facebook members are fantastic people. It’s so damn large, how could they not be?

But a staunch, growing, well-populated bloc of this “social organisation with a sociopathic structure” are happily permitting their own base to be fucked. Why? Because Zuckerberg has granted them this facility, honed it over the years and served up a platform where they can spread their digital wings, pose, bully, gaslight, strut about and domineer, tempering it all with their wit, humour, kindness, understanding, empathy, gallantry and a big, long list of all their impressive, alleged “achievements” in life.

Fucko Zucko knows exactly their base instincts – no pun intended – and what humans are capable of. For him watching it all unfold must be like gazing with admiration into the looking glass. Over time, his platform has groomed them, harnessed their loyalty, along with directly encouraging some of the worst of their behaviour. Persuading such badly-designed people to find and exercise their conscience, grow a set of balls, locate their spine, or even consider giving it all up and de-platforming themselves would be like tearing a broken heroin addict away, screaming, from their daily fix.

Admittedly, Facebook is useful for some kinds of limited, digital activism, but only on Fucko’s terms. So BE GOOD or else.

Make inquiries, resist, question, step out of line, place one toe outside those toxic ‘community guideline’ boundaries and this son of pricks will come down on you like a ton of bricks. Before you know it, leaving Base Fuck is now “no longer an option”. Why?

Because you already left. You’ve been banned.


In finishing, we just want to pass on three clear words of advice:


About Wirral In It Together

Campaigner for open government. Wants senior public servants to be honest and courageous. It IS possible!
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