VACCINE DEATHS: time for another colour of card?

The Slog

The Yellow Card Covid19 “vaccine” reports do not illuminate any of the darkness surrounding the real dangers of testing genetic-theory jabs on human beings. Their data-collection is a dereliction of the State’s duty to keep its citizens safe, and (by definition) completely ignores the medium-term Cytokinic consequences. In this deconstruction of Whitty balm, The Slog raises the broader issue of data perversion in the process of controlling mass populations.

When supposely non-partisan State statistics can’t be trusted, then free-speech democracy is as good as dead. The rot set in during the final quarter of the last century when finance ministers across Europe began “controlling” inflation by simply removing from basket-calculations anything going up in price. Next came Slick Willy in the US, and his decision – once benefit claimants had reached the allowed welfare limit – to record them as having “found employment”. I realised the end was in sight…

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