Our Loveable Posties …

One day, a postal worker noticed a letter had got caught and damaged in the sorting machine.  He picked it up and saw it was addressed to God.  Pulling out the message inside, he began to read:

“Dear God, I’m an 89-year-old lady and I’m desperate.  I’ve just lost my savings and it was all the money I had left in the world.  Christmas is coming fast, and I haven’t got anything left to heat the house, buy any food or a present for the cat.  Please send me thirty pounds to keep me going until the New Year.”

The postie sheds a tear, puts the letter down and tells all his mates. They have a whipround and collect 28 pounds.  They put this in an envelope and deliver it to the old dear in time for Christmas.

A week later a letter appears in the post office and the posties’ curiosity gets the better of them.  They open it and read:

“Dear God, thank  you so much for the money.  I managed to heat the house, buy the Christmas dinner and the cat was over the moon with his present.  But I only got 28 pounds for some reason.  I think the other 2 quid must have been taken by those thieving bastards in the post office.”

About Wirral In It Together

Campaigner for open government. Wants senior public servants to be honest and courageous. It IS possible!
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