Behind your back in the Budget

If all that furlough money’s been guaranteed so soon, expect more lockdowns. The gutless ones simply cannot speak it.

The Slog

“If you’re up there….”

The news is still all about Covid19….and not the machinations behind it. Yesterday’s UK Budget showed, without any room for doubt, that common sense and Common Good in government have been abolished in favour of over-reaction to a microscopic health threat. Our “leaders” have wilfully invited disaster, and the citizenry have largely accepted it without question. Britain needs a functional Opposition, and fast.

The very term ‘the Budget’ is profoundly misleading, in that the departmental budgets won’t be finalised until the end of March. But this one was always certain to be more smoke and mirrors than usual, because we are, as it were and so to speak, broke. So it is perhaps no surprise that, in the cold light of Friday morning, we don’t know:

  • Whether the Government’s borrowing requirement for 2021-22 will be anywhere near enough to make up for lost gdp
  • What the…

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