[VIDEO] Irrefutable Proof that Twitter Will ‘Suspend’ ALL of Your Account(s) when they’re linked to the SAME Phone Number

We first registered with Twitter 10 years ago as @Wirral_In_It. We used different email accounts when we applied, and our mobile phone number is the one and only piece of information that links the following EIGHT Twitter accounts:

  1. @Wirral_In_It
  2. @Wirral_Innit
  3. @PaulCardin6
  4. @Applied_IF_Ltd
  5. @WaxDonaldTrump
  6. @MrPheno71240649
  7. @CovfefeTheBrave
  8. @TheToryUprising

All of the above accounts have been permanently ‘suspended’ by Twitter. Concerning the first two – the most popular ones we used, which had many thousands of followers – we were told we’d “breached community guidelines”.

The others simply added by Twitter to the ‘SUSPENDED’ list out of the blue with no information given to support the suspensions. They occurred months or years ago, and it looks like there’s no chance of reinstatement because they all share the same personal contact number.

We’ve contacted Twitter on many occasions to try to negotiate over this, but they don’t bother to respond. This is censorship writ large by a company using its questionable “private” status as a convenient fig leaf, publishing false assurances in its terms and conditions and gaslighting its own members.

Twitter can also be deeply political in its conduct. It recently banned US President Donald Trump, and its frequent kneejerk reactions appear to be consistent with the ideological beliefs of dangerous, concealed, deep state US and UK secret services agencies and their nefarious, anti-democratic, often illegal activities.

About Wirral In It Together

Campaigner for open government. Wants senior public servants to be honest and courageous. It IS possible!
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