Imagine Not Being Able To Go To The Grocery Store To Buy Food If You Don’t Get ‘The Kill Shot’: More Sinister Signs They’re Planning On Tightening The Screws Down Upon All Of Us In 2021

Has anybody considered that the newly released, competing Covid19 vaccines could be the opening salvoes fired in an onslaught aimed at destroying the reputation of vaccines in the future? Public opinion on vaccines’ image is already split 50-50. In the past, we would rush to our salvation, dragging our children along with us. Where we could be headed is a dystopian future, a wasteland where vaccinations are a dirty word and contagious viral diseases are free to pick people off in great numbers – because the good, effective vaccines are gone. Gates funds the WHO, and they recently altered their definition of ‘herd immunity’ to make it solely reliant upon vaccines, the latest of which seem to be competing to outdo each other on how unreliable and dangerous they can appear.

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By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or DieDecember 31, 2020

While the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights may end up preventing government from mandating vaccines for the American people, every day we get more signs that businesses across the country and the world have no such intentions, withCBS 4 in Boston reportinga‘Covid-19 vaccine passport’may be required to travel in 2021 just one of the latest stories warning of what awaits us in the year ahead.

WithSpain to keep a registry of‘vaccine refusers’, sharing itwith other EU countries, another indication of what the‘travel ban’ahead might look like overseas, we learn that here in America,music venues, sporting events and theaters might soon be‘off limits’to those who don’t get the vaccine.

And withmany employers also requiring‘the jab’for their employeeshinting…

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