More on the two excellent eBooks now on sale at The Duran. #Epstein and #Ukrainegate – Video Two

Below is a link to the Duran website where you can purchase the#Epstein and #Ukrainegate eBooks for $4.99 each. From now on, 100% of the money received will be donated to help the brave Australian firefighters, many of whom are volunteers.

Visit now and use the DRN20 code for 20% off:

Also available are:


In this second video, Editor-in-Chief of The Duran Alexander Mercouris talks a little more about the contents of the #Epstein and #Russiagate eBooks.

“These are two huge stories, both starting in the US, but both with international ramifications…………………………………”

Transcription of the contents:

AC:  …and the launching of two new eBooks with an intro – both of those eBooks have an intro – via Alexander Mercouris. And those books focus on #Ukrainegate – the #Ukrainegate hoax – and a great eBook on the #Epstein story.

AM:  Yes, I mean, these are two huge stories, both centering and starting in the US but both obviously with international ramifications because they both involve all kinds of people who are non-Americans, I mean, the #Ukrainegate involves lots of Ukrainians as we know and of course #Epstein is now becoming a scandal, a serious scandal in Britain, where the royal family – through Prince Andrew – is now directly affected. Now, these are the two big stories I think in the US at the moment, the impeachment which is one of the most – I think – preposterous political scandals I have ever come across. I mean, this extraordinary imbalance in America between this country which has so many strengths and a political system that has now become so disastrously dysfunctional. But what we set out to do in this book is to show how absurd and misconceived and ultimately empty the Ukrainegate story is. I mean, if #Russiagate was a massive tragedy, #Ukrainegate is just a low farce, an ugly, low farce. That’s what our book does, we bring together all our discussions on this topic and I write a preface – as Alex says – in which I try to tie it all together and show the kind of absurd thing and a grossly partisan thing that #Ukrainegate ultimately is. Now, #Epstein is even more extraordinary in some ways because this is a real scandal, I mean, this is a very mysterious, very creepy individual. We still don’t know very much about Epstein, in fact it’s extraordinary how little we still know about Epstein.

All these guesses and speculations and rumours about who he was and what he was doing and how he made his money… What we do know for a fact is that he was a monster. He was a serial trafficker, abuser of children, probably a rapist as well, I’m fairly sure of it given the kind of things that he was involved in. I mean, he was a monster on a massive scale and there’s two things to take away from this. Firstly, that his enormous wealth and power and privilege and his position within US and international society and this extraordinary collection of friends he had, people like Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, they gave him protection to do all the things that he did in clear view. I mean, there was no real attempt to conceal what he was doing. And now, even after his mysterious and unexplained death, that is still the case. Because this scandal is not being reported to anything like the extent that it should be reported. So there is still this extraordinary silence that we have to try and battle against to breakthrough in order to discuss this scandal. We at The Duran have encountered it. We’ve had a lot of trouble with social media providers trying to get the story about #Epstein out, we’ve had all kinds of issues with it. So these are the two big topical issues that we’ve done eBooks on and I think people who are interested in these stories and finding out the truth about them will find those two eBooks indispensable to understand these two affairs properly.


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