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Wirral’s “Independent” Group of Councillors accuse us of lying, then make fools of themselves on Twitter

  Yesterday, we replied with the following tweet to @WirralIndCllrs containing some home truths, in the form of two proven, longstanding  allegations, that Wirral Council thieved £736,756.97 from a number of learning disabled council tenants over a 9-year period and … Continue reading

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Wirral Labour has a hard right former Council Leader and accomplished abuser standing as a candidate

From the other end of the spectrum… This "leader" came from the gutter, oversaw the theft of £736,756.97 from learning disabled council tenants' bank accounts over a 9 year period and was elevated to Wirral Mayor for his troubles. He's … Continue reading

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Cause and effect

Spin versus truth In Wallasey Town Hall’s hallowed corridors, we fear very little attention is paid to the rules of cause and effect because they’re inconvenient.  They get in the way. The reason being the persons within like to keep a very tight … Continue reading

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Smart Meters – Not so smart!

Originally posted on Wirralleaks:
The latest in our series written by ‘Bright Spark’ which explores existing wireless technology and the planned 5G roll out: In our previous articles we highlighted the dangers of the new blue/white light emitted from the…

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Embarrassment for Army as Squaddies in Afghanistan Filmed Shooting at Corbyn Poster

Originally posted on Beastrabban\'s Weblog:
This is another little scandal that’s Mike reported on today. The Ministry of Defence has ordered an urgent inquiry following the release of a video on social media showing squaddies from 3 Para in…

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Grantham MP Nick Boles’ resignation. The people of Liverpool would like to show their gratitude

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Crossing the Party Line

Originally posted on Wirralleaks:
We feel a clarification is in order following our unexpected mention at last week’s Council meeting where Cllr Mary Jordan said : “Making jokes about the holocaust crosses that line, a line which even Wirral Leaks…

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