Ivan Rogers’ Brexit Lecture of Thursday 13th December 2018 – the Nine Lessons on Brexit

The Nine Lessons on Brexit

Ivan Rogers KCMG is the UK’s former Ambassador to the EU.
These are links to a two-part Brexit themed lecture given at Liverpool’s Heseltine Institute for Public Policy last Thursday 13th December 2018 by Ivan Rogers – former UK Ambassador to the EU.

The overriding theme is the failure of the UK Westminster political class, and it’s an excellent and timely reminder of where we currently stand.

Part One – 

Part Two –

Link to .pdf document –

And from today’s Guardian –

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5 Responses to Ivan Rogers’ Brexit Lecture of Thursday 13th December 2018 – the Nine Lessons on Brexit

  1. I’m sorry, mate, but Mr. Rogers is parti pros, and talking Establishment bollocks.


  2. Bobby47 says:

    Throughout the early decades of the twentieth century it was common practice for Big Business to invest in a community. They came along, spotted a coal seam, an opportunity to produce cotton, manufacturer something to sell and then exploit the people for cheap labour and make huge profits. But, despite the desire to create for themselves huge wealth, they did indeed build houses for the people that moved across the Country and settled in their new home that provided them their future.They built houses, Schools for the children, parks for them to play in, Hospitals and provided the communities something that they could call our Town or Village. It was a partnership of sorts. Certainly not ideal for the working man but it was nonetheless an investment in people and communities by big business who were there to profit from the labours of the working classes.
    Roll on a century later, in this age of a so called period of social enlightenment, no such partnership exists. There’s no need for it. The wealthy have only one responsibility. To create a job. Not for them to build a home, a school or anything else that’d help a Town or a Village. There is now no reason for them to invest in a community. All they have to do is create a low paid job and the European Union and our Government does the rest.
    The European Union provides the cheap migrant labour and the working class indigenous people provide the funds to build the houses, the larger schools, the Doctors Surgeries and all the other things that one needs to build a community. It’s really quite brilliant in many ways. You simply pull a social lever, cause three million migrants from the East of the Continent to move to Britain and Big Business pays nothing. The whole enterprise is funded by the low paid indigenous people who go about their business providing taxes so that houses, schools and hospitals can be built to provide a vast army of cheap migrant labour a job that pays them elevent times more than theyd be paid in their homeland.
    That’s not the end of the genius from the European Union. No! The indigenous people and the three million migrants pay their taxes to the British Government who then pass on 13 billion quid to the EU. The European Commision then take 6 billion of that giant wedge of money and direct it back to the homelands of the 3 million migrants so that their infra structure can be improved, factories can be built, economic suitability for growth can be attained and then,,,,,,,when everyone becomes weary of working for a low wage, your job goes, the business relocates to Slovakia or Poland or wherever it was your money was sent to and bing, bang bong,,,,,, your money was used to create an economic opportunity for you to lose your job and make another nation better off because you fucking paid for it all.
    In the meantime, seeing as your job went because you weren’t prepared to work longer, harder and faster than your now superior economic competitor who’s now sat in a factory you paid for in Latvia, the lesson to be learned by the next generation is ‘don’t be so fucking stupid as we once were’. Forget creativity. Work like stink for a low wage and be prepared to share a room with ten other young kids who, like you are on a zero hour contract serving fries and a burger and trained to smile and say, ‘You all have a nice day’.


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