Hoylake, Wirral. Is there a Cunning Plan behind the Jack Nicklaus Branded Golf Resort? Read On…

28th October 2017

Below is a comment that was sent in to the Wirral Globe.

It refers to an existing NJVG scheme in Llanelli, where they promised to build a golf course and a Hilton Hotel, bringing hundreds of jobs to the area. 

But all the people of Llanelli ended up with was rows of luxury housing and a golf course serving very little societal need in the way of jobs or social housing.  The Hotel never materialised.

Iconic sportsman Jack Nicklaus, the name providing impetus for the scam,  got paid for designing 18 holes that kept local golfers happy.  But this was merely a Trojan Horse, wheeled into the town with an ulterior motive, to help the wealthy developers get what they craved above all – a stonking profit.

So basically, it was dangle the carrot of “hundreds of jobs”, snatch it away at the last minute, then scarper with the loot. 

So what are the chances of the same wheeze being pulled off with the help of abusive Wirral Council?  Pretty damn high we’d say.  They’ve already handed across £600,000 of our cash for what’s termed “scoping work”. 

Far be it from us to be cynical but you have to wonder why councillors are so damn keen to push these things through? 

We know they are fine, upstanding agents of change, with our best interests at heart.  They are obviously NOT the type of people to be receiving mysterious phone calls in the night,  attending secretive huddles with developers, or lining up to trouser under the counter, undeclared payments and big fat brown envelopes stuffed with cash.

No, they’re way too honest for all that aren’t they reader?  So this unbridled squandering of our cash in pursuit of a prize that nobody wants  is a complete mystery to us.

28 10 17 - hoylake golf course

Comment borrowed from The Wirral Globe

Our Colleagues over at Wirral Leaks warned us about the above possibility some time ago, so once again, its  top hats off to Lord and Lady Leaky and the team !


And what a darned shame that the council leader advises all staff not to read Wirral Leaks.  Because if they did, they’d be kept up to date, fully appraised and armed to the teeth with all the facts, unlike the rows and rows of nodding dog councillors who are determined to keep their heads down and to believe the torrent of bollocks emanating from senior officers who are supposed to be carrying out due diligence on deceitful, expensive charades like this !


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Campaigner for open government. Wants senior public servants to be honest and courageous. It IS possible!
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