Sorrento Shame 2 : No Laughing Matter

More evidence emerges to suggest that a Wirral Councillor, former Mayor and Council Leader and his wife may have been involved in exporting a particularly ugly brand of racism to Italy.

It’s not a good feeling for anyone living on Wirral to think that your own council tax probably funded this, and that the local papers, TV and Radio are bringing their own professions into disrepute by failing to report it.


No laughing matter

Ordinarily our lead picture would be the Foulkes’ Sorrento holiday snap which features on social media and has been forwarded to us. However after further consideration of the ‘Sorrento Shame’ story we feel the need to take a more sober approach (no pun intended) . Now is not the time for satire, sarcasm or caption competitions.

As you can see from the picture above hotel management  tried to pacify a distraught couple who allege they were subject to racial abuse on holiday and hope that one day they will find it ‘something to laugh about’. On seeing this letter it suddenly struck us that it took people from outside Wirral to point out how unacceptable some behaviours are. They’ve held a mirror up to us all and it doesn’t reflect well on any of us.

We say this , as to us and to many people, none of the allegations…

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