My old work location. Yes, it’s actually true this !!

my old work location - backford hall

Jones Homes are lovingly “restoring the former council site to its original residential status”.

Link to Chester Chronicle article

Link to Jones Homes “Backford Park” Development – (with no mention whatsoever of any troublesome, protected critters)

As of August 2015, I was told by a trusted person on site that demolition work around the rear of the hall had ground to a halt because the former Cheshire West and Chester Council office buildings (where I used to work) were now occupied by protected bats.

The developers had also been forced to install a ‘newt fence’ around the perimeter of the site to stop the great crested little varmints – whose ancestors have occupied the pond for some centuries – from escaping. There’s always a risk that they’ll get fed up at the unwanted incursion, take their chances on the open road and get flattened in the process.

But such selfless dedication to going the extra mile in protecting the inhabitants of the Backford Hall site is a completely new thing on me.

Frankly, towards the end of my career, the senior officers I was dealing with wouldn’t have turned a hair if a visiting JCB had squashed me or any of my whisteblowing colleagues – people who’d been causing trouble by exposing theirs and the wider public’s extremely shabby treatment and the ensuing cover ups.

So I’m now absolutely delighted to report that where troublesome types are concerned, conditions on site seem to have changed for the better.  And that’s progress ……….!



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Campaigner for open government. Wants senior public servants to be honest and courageous. It IS possible!
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4 Responses to My old work location. Yes, it’s actually true this !!

  1. Bobby 47 says:

    It’s some legacy Cardin and one you should be proud of. To think, that after you and because of you, they’re feeling compelled to be a little kinder to the inhabitants, that’s no small achievement and one you should feel very proud of.
    Course, Bats and Newts and any other manner of creature that walks, crawls, takes flight and swims around this grand old building won’t ever know that their safe habitat is down to a prickly menace of a scrapper of a man who’s refusal to turn the other way and say bugger all has resulted in a swarm of public servants regretting the day they ever chose to mistreat the weak and the vulnerable and take their money.
    Mind, it’s only you and I that think this and you’d be a fool and an odd sort of fish if you started wearing matching shoes believing in this here testimonial and evolving into a Big Time Charlie telling all that’d listen, ‘I’ve saved the lives of Bats and Newts me’.
    I mean, if you ever drifted into my local Ale House and announced yourself as the man who’d saved a bunch of Bats and Newts you’d be met by the lads in my round who’d probably attack you for interrupting our nightly discussion on ‘women we’d like to kiss’.
    Clap it up fella. Enjoy your moment. This is as good as it gets Cardin!


  2. Wirral In It Together says:

    Bobby, am fibbyin’ if I said I ever toad the line,
    Leap-frog-ging into Backford Hall, was so divine,
    Newts to me are everything,
    In the sweetest pond that I could swim, so scaley,
    And caecilians were breaking my heart,
    And snaking my confidence daily,
    It’s a tad-pol-itical, but my face like yours is fat,
    And I’m eft if I can spawn a better pun than that.


  3. Bobby 47 says:

    Very good lad. Outstandingly good. You’ve either pulled that together in moments or slaved over it. Either way, it’s worth reading. See you lad.


  4. Wirral In It Together says:

    Slaved pal, thesaurus in one hand, flaccid member in t’other.


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