That Esther McVey Hillsborough tweet. Who or what was behind it?

16th April 2014

If you hadn’t already noticed, here’s what happened yesterday during the memorial service, on the 25th Anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster in 1989, when 96 Liverpool F.C. fans lost their lives.

At 3:06 pm on 15th April (the time the Liverpool v Notts Forest FA cup semi-final was abandoned) many Merseysiders and prominent people connected to the area had gathered in Liverpool and on Wirral at public ceremonies to remember the 96.

It’s possible that McVey didn’t send the tweet.  It may have been an autobot, or more likely, a human being, somebody entrusted to tweet on her behalf, which is suggested here, in a curious tweet that Esther McVey also sent yesterday afternoon:

mcvey flood recovery tweet

I despise the Tory party, their policies and their so-called ‘values’, and I’m happy to state that Esther McVey is blocking Wirral In It Together on Twitter.

Also blocking us are several members of Wirral’s Labour group, and McVey’s election agent, Tory Councillor Chris Blakeley, whose gaffe prone record can be looked at in more detail…

21st February 2011

Twit hits the fan with Wirral Tories

From the Wirral Globe, Councillor Chris Blakeley tweets criticism of his party colleague Sue Taylor.  Blakeley later apologises.

26th July 2011

Councillor Blakeley – the Dignified Face of Wirral Politics

From the excellent Wirral Leaks site, on his blog, Councillor Chris Blakeley engages in some sparring with “Paul”, a member of the public.

27th October 2011

Putting the Twit into Twitter

Again from Wirral Leaks, Councillor Chris Blakeley tweets criticism of Anna Klonowski, the “independent” investigator brought in (by his own party) to investigate Wirral Council.  She ultimately found the place to have massive failings under Leader Foulkes (see below).  Her memorable finding was that, on Wirral, “The abnormal had become normal”.

13th May 2013

Anger as Tory councillor brands former Labour leader ‘not fit to be Wirral’s mayor’

The Globe again.  Not really a gaffe as such, and he was later cleared by one of Wirral Council’s so-called “independent” investigations.  Following the repulsive and repeated abuse that occurred over many years, his fears are well-founded, but it displays a tendency to “shoot from the hip”.  For those not familiar with his record, or who didn’t suffer under Foulkes, here’s an admission to the abuse of disabled people from portfolio holder, Councillor Steve Foulkes…

2014-03-22 12.08.15

So, Councillor Foulkes stating, “I will keep my dignity” could be seen as possibly the most insulting aspect.  Blakeley tweeted on Saturday 15th March: “To be very clear – Cllr Foulkes will NOT have my support at the mayor-making ceremony.”

I hope the above links shine some more light onto not just the story about the tweet, but the more pressing issue of…

“How do the people of Wirral rid themselves of this abusive Council?”

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4 Responses to That Esther McVey Hillsborough tweet. Who or what was behind it?

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  2. Paul Smyth says:

    If I wanted to try and make it look as if I didn’t send the tweet I’d send an odd looking tweet like that. She sent the tweet, it’s her style. She tweets from that account personally. Don’t help her get away with it


    • Wirral In It Together says:

      Thanks. That did occur to me, but I’d say these local aspects need a wider audience – bag carrier Blakeley spectacularly landing on his arse time and again. The buck stops with McVey, which is why she had to be seen ‘apologising’ (to Wirral West voters?). I don’t need to help her get away with it. She has a 2,000 majority and we can consider that’s being managed already.


  3. Paul Smyth says:

    Fair comment, on the local issues I’m not qualified to comment. You know far better than I. On the ‘auto’ tweet, it’s timing is too coincidental to me. We’ve seen people try to claim to have been hacked far too often to believe that this wasn’t am attempt to create a context for a denial. Even the wording of her apology hints at it rather than taking responsibility for the tweet. The tweet is in character, I believe she sent it. What it does do is flag the question of why she wasn’t at the service.


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