UPDATED: Was Sir David Nicholson coached prior to 3rd July Public Accounts Committee?

Here’s a link to a recent article, which revealed that over £73,000 in public money was handed to expensive private consultants – across 52 days – to coach the CEO of NHS England prior to his attendance at a Public Accounts Committee.

To think that these public servants have the gall to squander our money hand over fist; to basically flush it down the toilet, in a desperate attempt to erect a towering wall of denial is really quite staggering.  I don’t know how many questions were asked on the day, but if it was say… 36 – that’s just over £2,000 per fobbed off, evaded, put to the sword question… that we’re all paying for…  not just in the obscene, needless consultancy fees, but in the whopping six figure salaries and fat cat pensions of the likes of trougher-in-chief Sir David Nicholson.

I lodged a freedom of information request with three separate organisations following the Public Accounts Committee of 3rd July 2013, which had made a valiant but vain attempt at looking into Confidentiality Clauses and Special Severance Payments.

Here’s the answer for one of them, NHS England (Sir David Nicholson) which came in today:


The other two are yet to be answered:

Sharon White (Her Majesty’s Treasury): https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/sharon_white_director_consultanc#incoming-406168

UPDATE 23rd July 2013

And here’s the answer for Sharon White, which came in today:

23 07 13 - sharon white treasury response

Una O’Brien (Department of Health): https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/una_obrien_permanent_secretary_d#incoming-406609

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