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  1. vexatiousking says:

    The FOIA 2000 has now been a statutory Act for 22 years but STILL the Vexatious Exemption 14/1 is without Legal Definition. The Dransfield Vexatious Court Precedent is a silver bullet which has been used by Rogue Public Authorities and Rogue Judges at HMCTS, In essence , each time the Dransfield Vexatious Precedent is used another FOI Requester has been silenced and denied their civil.legal and human rights

    Please see the following extract from the Court Of Appeal EWCA 454 Civ 2015. Dransfield V ICO. Just imagine the Lockerby FOIA requesters were refused on the Dransfield Vexatious BS and the 300 deaths were of NO VALUE. Likewise the 25/30K vexatious Decision Notices served by three consecutive Information Commissioners for that last 12 years
    Most recently,Oct this year a FOIA requester for data on the 80K Child Sex abuse cases has been refused on the Dransfiled Vexatious BS

    I am of the opinion the Dransfield Vexatious BS was designed by Christopher Graham(IC retired) as a tool to assist the passage of Fraud theft of Public Funds,Hide Crimnals like Jimmy Savill and to Gag Joe Public. Two subsequent IC’s Elizabeth Denham and John Edwards have willfully and knowingly continued to use the Unlawful Silver Bullet Dransfield Court Precedent . In essence the FOI has been hijacked by the ICO whom have acted in concert with EVERY Single Government Department to HIDE Public Data,

    Quote from the Dransfield Vexatious Court Precedent BS<
    “…that the starting point is that vexatiousness primarily involves making a request which has no reasonable foundation, that is, no reasonable foundation for thinking that the information sought would be of value to the requester or to the public or any section of the public. …… The decision maker should consider all the relevant circumstances in order to reach a balanced conclusion as to whether a request is vexatious” (paragraph 68).

    Therefore, we consider the key question you must ask yourself is whether the request is likely to cause a disproportionate or unjustified level of disruption, irritation or distress.


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