Beware … Sunak … What Are Central Bank Digital Currencies?,vid:pyWhjfRMwyI

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16 Responses to Beware … Sunak … What Are Central Bank Digital Currencies?

  1. vexatiousking says:

    It beggars belief that Joe Biden has green lighted the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) by circumventing BOTH the US Congress AND the Senate.This can be verified by a simple ocular inspection of Biden’s executive order#14067 9/3/2022. Rishi Sunak is proposing the use of the CBDC in the UK as part of a wider plans for World Domination . The Bank of America and the Bank of England will hold primacy for USA and UK respectively. In the event the Yanks and the Brits introduce CBDC, they will then introduce a chip for ALL Citizens with the exceptions of GOLDEN Balls Millionairs/Billionairs.
    Wakey Wakey Joe Public they are coming for your money.


  2. vexatiousking says:

    Here is the concrete evidence that Joe Biden has committed treason by his Executive Order 140679/3/22.
    In essence, this Presidential order circumvents the House of Congress and Senate House. Rishi Sunak has jumped on the CBDC Bandwagon as to enable FULL Control of Joe Public. Call it what you like but I consider this TREASON by Sleepy Joe Biden and Rishi Sunak.


  3. vexatiousking says:

    I do believe that when the Yanks realize they have been SWINDLED out of their Human Rights via the Central Bank Digital Currency, they will march on the Congress and Senate for Civil War #2..

    What will be the next move by Biden and Sunak after they have implemented the CBDC????? They will introduce IT Chips for the Worlds Population. Game Set and Match for the NWO and Illuminati. In the event I am correct on the CBDC and ID Implants ,we may as well have a Nuclear War.


  4. vexatiousking says:

    Sunak has been pushing for Central Bank Digital Currency for several months with the blessing of Fatboy Johnson.


  5. vexatiousking says:

    It would appear the Central Bank Digital Currency was the brainchild of fatboy johnson, which is rather disconcerting.


  6. vexatiousking says:

    It is a well documented fact the International Bankers were responsible for the last depression in 2008. The next depression coming down the track clickity clack is the Central Bank for Digital Currency which is being connived and colluded by international bankers,


  7. vexatiousking says:

    There is no doubt in my mind the Central Bank for Digital Currency is the Brainchild of the NWO and Illuminato and crooked leaders,who desire total control over their slaves.


  8. vexatiousking says:

    In the event the Central Bank Digital Currency Plans are approved in the UK, it will signal the end of high street Banking. Surely this is a direct contravention to all Manopoly Regulations.


  9. vexatiousking says:

    The Bank of England are a Public Authority hence they have a mandate to respond to FOI but they are exempted to give and FOIA date involving Monetary Polices,hence Central Bank Digital Currency will be exempted,,
    See below

    The Freedom of Information Act 2000Opens in a new window sets out the obligations that public authorities have when it comes to providing information.

    These obligations apply to the Bank of England, with the exception of our activities in the following areas:

    monetary policy
    operations to support financial institutions for stability reasons
    private banking and related services.


    • Thanks for your comments on this subject, VK. Excellent and highly informative. I never realised that the BoE had such broad-ranging exemptions written into law. Tony Blair will be a supporter of the CBDC and will no doubt have had some input into these get out clauses when the act was written. These things are LONG PLANNED, as you know. It makes me assume that Blair’s highly publicised FOI regrets and tear-jerking stunts were all for show.

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  10. vexatiousking says:

    I would imagine the CBDC has been on the back burners since Brexit, It’s part of a wider plan to for depopulation.


  11. vexatiousking says:

    To assist people to understand the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) please see below. Firstly, each country will rely upon its own Bank ,e.g. Bank of America and Bank of England, All other High Street Banks will become obsolete, Ditto for the dollar and pound respectively, Metal Coins and paper money will be destroyed and replaced by CBDC Tokens, which begs the question how does any individuals buy these coupons in the first place. We clearly have a chicken before the egg scenario,
    The CBDC makes the 2008 Bankers scam look like a petty crime and reflects the Mafia to be SAINTS. Who are the main players in this CBDC SCAM, allow me to inform you, the NWO, G20 Leaders ELON Musk,Bill Gates, Schwartz group,Biden and all the other Billionaires, Royals etc,. These leading Politicians claim the CBDC will run parallel with NORMAL International Currency. This cannot possibly work in the EU because a common currency,ie the EURO.


  12. vexatiousking says:

    This is a quote from the CBDC Promoters
    “The main goal of CBDCs is to provide businesses and consumers with privacy, transferability, convenience, accessibility, and financial security. CBDCs could also decrease the maintenance a complex financial system requires, reduce cross-border transaction costs, and provide those who currently use alternative money transfer methods with lower-cost options.”

    This is BS because the main reason for CBDC is for ENSLAVEMENT of Joe Public and their next move will be to implant the World Population with a Mycro Chip, similar to those used in Cats and Dogs. Talk about BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING.
    Unless Joe Public wakes up and smells the coffee, we are Frigging DOOMED.
    I think I am right in saying we no longer have TREASON Laws in the UK. What a shame , I feel a firing squad is too good for these bastards promoting CBDC


  13. vexatiousking says:

    I was indeed incorrect stating “we no longer have TREASON LAWS in the UK”.
    We do have TREASON Laws but punishable by prison only


  14. vexatiousking says:

    The USA still maintain Treason Laws punishable by the Electric Chair, Why don’t they use a firing squad, more humane ,much cheaper,cleaner environmental friendly, etc . Joe Biden should be Plugged into the Chair along with her Democrats Budgies.


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