BREAKING: The latest from Dr Mike Yeadon. Are the UK medical regulator – the MHRA – involved in a cover-up?

Dear Everyone,
I’ve just been sent this message. It appears that MHRA are probably covering up serious adverse events being reported, possibly by delaying the verification of entries or by actually deleting them.
The alternative interpretation is that the third dose of covid19 is saline.
I say this because the message author noticed that the increments in deaths reported to U.K. Yellow Card system is suddenly no longer moving in parallel with administrative of infections.
It’s extraordinarily unlikely that the 3rd dose is well tolerated even though the 1st & particularly the 2nd dose are not. An educated guess says the 3rd dose is likely to evoke even worse reactions because in addition to toxicity from virus spike proteins, the recipient had also to contend with artificial AUTOIMMUNE DISORDERS.
If you’re already primed to respond to spike protein & your body starts making it in greater quantities, it is not going to end well.
Especially a 3rd dose.
Best wishes

Dr Mike Yeadon

Ps: thanks to the alert person who drew it to my attention. I do know who they are & they are taking risks daily by speaking out against the narrative.

Hi Mike, 

I am writing to you with great urgency over a grave matter which has not been highlighted anywhere I have seen. It looks like the MHRA are holding back on vast numbers of death and injury reports for the booster shots.

In their Yellow Card Summary, the MHRA have recently stated that the 9 million or so booster jabs have generated 5566 adverse drug reactions. This didn’t look right so ploughing into historical data, I went into the early figures of the initial rollout which would have included large numbers of the elderly and some health workers, so fairly like for like conditions. What I found was that the first 10.1 million jabs up to early February actually produced 102,000 ADR’s, a rate of ADR’s over 16 times higher that what we are seeing here. So what’s going on, are the vaccines safer this time around?

Well buried in the MHRA Yellow Card Summary are these paragraphs:

“As of 3 November 2021, an estimated 9,012,676 people had received their booster or third vaccination in the UK”

“However, due to ongoing work on the presentation of the latest data on numbers of vaccines administered, suspected adverse event reporting and incidence rates will be updated as soon as the vaccines administered dataset is available”

Because death reports have “only” risen by very roughly 200 or so in the last 7 weeks compared with a total of 1645 before, I’d assumed the booster rollout was going slowly but to my surprise 9 million have had the booster vaccine.

The UK Column graph data highlights this anomaly further, rises in death remain consistent with the rollout – except the rollout shown has zero data for the boosters.

Subsequent vaccinations are expected in our camp to raise the severity of adverse reactions. With the statement by the MHRA this raises a troubling scenario. The substantial rises in death reports in the past couple of weeks may not be from the booster shots at all. And how many are really dying from the boosters? Why the redesign?

What could happen with these vaccines with no longer any feedback of death and injury?

I hope we can get to the bottom of it right away. Are you able to put something out there on this? Thanks,

Best regards…

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Campaigner for open government. Wants senior public servants to be honest and courageous. It IS possible!
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