Highly experienced medical and vaccine experts cast as ‘conspiracy theorists’

This Dutch TV program, “Jensen”, features a number of scientists accused of being conspiracy theorists, including me & Dr Robert Malone. Malone has spent a career of over 30 years working in the vaccine field as a research scientist. He’s a coauthor on one of the earliest patents covering gene-based vaccines (specifically mRNA).
It’s worth watching for a few clips from 26 mins, which are taken from an Oracle Films interview at home.
But the main point is at 37.30. This anchor is the first, to my knowledge, to compare & contrast our Wiki pages.
Neither Robert nor I had one prior to the ‘pandemic’.
Someone has helpfully constructed pages for us. How thoughtful!
Jensen points out that the formatting of our pages & even some of the language is uncannily similar, as if the same author accepted the brief to construct profiles that were deeply damaging (if we cared what was written there, which we don’t) with the clear intention of putting off anyone hearing us speak (& looking us up).
The perpetrators don’t need to worry about crazy conspiracy theorists, right?!
Thank you, Jensen, for spotting this.
Tip to Judas types taking money to rubbish people who are doing their best to warn you of the imminent extinction of human freedoms. Enjoy your twenty pieces of silver & let’s hope your children, if you have any, never learn “What did you do in the war?”.
Best wishes

Dr Mike Yeadon


About Wirral In It Together

Campaigner for open government. Wants senior public servants to be honest and courageous. It IS possible!
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