The USA VAERS data base summary for 9th July: 10,991 deaths, 30,781 hospitalized, 59,402 urgent care, 3,906 heart attacks, 9,274 disabled, 1,073 miscarriages & more

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VAERS database (USA) 9th July, 2021

This is the USA VAERS data base summary for the 9th July. This data base now has around 3 months of data which has not been loaded yet. VAERS is acknowledged as capturing around 1% of actual injury and death. However, I believe that this reporting rate will be slightly higher with CV V. If we generously assume an above average reporting rate of 5% (which is the rate acknowledged for the NZ Medsafe reporting)….You will need to multiply these numbers by 20 to get a more accurate picture.

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