Technocratic censors move to cover all the bases, but Resistance to the takeover is on the increase

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Well knock me over with a needle, yesterday Health Secretary Savid Javid tested positive for Covid19. Is there, I ask myself a problem with the Downing Street water supply?

The occurence was widely reported, but sensible analysis was absent. As Javid himself admitted, “This morning I tested positive for Covid. I’m waiting for my PCR result, but thankfully I have had my jabs and symptoms are mild. Please make sure you come forward for your vaccine if you haven’t already.”
Why is he waiting for an outcome using a test already dismissed by the US CDC as “less than useless”?
And if he’s been double-jabbed, why has the vaccine that isn’t a vaccine spectacularly failed to stop him contracting the virus?

Here’s another question: where is the sanity, in that context, of Uncle Fester Spock urging, “Please make sure you come forward for your vaccine if you haven’t already”?


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