LOOK at this anagram of “Cognitive Dissonance”


Wow. Is this final confirmation that some of the most stable, together people have proven in the end to be credulous and vulnerable, wide open to malign influence?

Did they buckle when the heat was turned up? Have they been disarmed, successfully swept along and consumed by this relentless, year-long mainstream media excursion into madness and hysterical propaganda?

If so, it was nice knowing you, but we won’t be missing you, nor any of the terminally, cognitively dissonant.

In fact, good riddance.

Picking up on what were the early signs, we knew ten or eleven years back that world-changing events such as these were unlikely, but still manageable or their impact avoidable should they occur.

So we took precautions, stopped buying newspapers, switched off the BBC TV News and all ‘competing’ channels, the home and car radios, the lot. We then ventured forth, bleary-eyed onto the internet, where we soon realised it wasn’t so bad.

We were still at liberty to make our own choices and not be voluntarily subjected to the whims of billionaire media magnates with a starkly differing agenda to the man on the street.

Operating alone, we sought out answers by undertaking a wealth of independent research. It involved long hours and wasn’t easy at first. It took time and effort, which admittedly most people don’t have.

But when it’s this serious, that’s no excuse. You are simply *required* to do it.

We didn’t know it back then, but the time invested online we can now view in hindsight as preserving our own future health, sanity and wellbeing.

So it turned out to be time well spent and mentally, we’ve never felt stronger. We urge anybody reading this – for whom the COVID-19 fraud penny hasn’t dropped yet – to stick with us and follow this blog.

We’ll be continuing to post the finest, most compelling links up here from the top movers and shakers and the best national and international publications and websites. We now have a well-practised eye after a decade of study.

We know how to swerve the rubbish, AND the Google browser manipulation, the toxic sleight of hand and the stealth censorship. And if you take our advice, you’ll have no excuse not to be forewarned of what could be waiting around the next corner.

But there’s always a catch … and it’s this: we need your agreement and your determination to educate yourself on these issues by following the www.wirralinittogether.blog

Lazy? Can’t be arsed? Better things to do?

It’s Your Funeral.

Cheers. Hope to see you here soon, Paul…!

About Wirral In It Together

Campaigner for open government. Wants senior public servants to be honest and courageous. It IS possible!
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