Angela Eagle’s 17 whistleblowers – The Eagle 17 – Are they for REAL?

17 of ’em. Every one a coward and most still anonymous. Although the Guardian knows who the scabs are, but are saying nothing 🤣

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masked man blowing whistle7th August 2016

Angela Eagle, failed Labour leadership candidate, has referred publicly in the press to a group of 17 unnamed people she describes as ‘whistleblowers’.  This group have made allegations and are presumably at some point going to expand their case further with details of alleged instances of “bullying, intimidation and homophobia”.

Presumably, the accused persons involved will shortly receive full details of all the allegations along with dates and times and the identities of their accusers, in order to have an opportunity to mount a defence in accordance with due process.

Articles were put out in two newspapers, one local, one national, on 2nd August, with the allegations referred to arising much earlier.  Presumably this group of 17 are all connected to the Labour party and are supporters of Angela Eagle in some way.

Liverpool Echo

The Guardian

Sunday 3rd July 2016 – Tessa Jowell appears on Sunday Politics [see 04:30] claiming that she’d spoken to Angela Eagle who had directly…

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