At the End of the Day

Bravely going with your gut instinct rather than staying silent and succumbing to fear usually pays off. Let’s all run with the facts, get pissed, celebrate our collective bravery and force all these empty, shuttered pubs OPEN again

The Slog

Can’t tell truth from fiction? Can’t tell news from spin? Convinced that all will be well in the end? Looking for clues about a safe passage through the heavily mined quicksand with which you appear to be surrounded?

Cue clues….

How convenient. The man behind the mask there is Michel Barnier. He has immunity to Covid19 and isn’t remotely infectious. So he wears a mask. Perhaps he just likes wearing a mask. Or perhaps he is Butch Cassidy intent on robbing the gravy train.

Aaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…the old ones are always the best….ooooohoohoohooohooooohahahaha, sorry, the spin is trickling down my leg.

That’s more like it….back to neocon Earth with Boris the Spider.

Within hours? Get a grip, Georgina – we spit on hours. Let’s aim for minutes. I mean, what is the point of wasting time in this, our fight against the Grim Reaper and his razor-sharp blade cutting down 64 people…

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About Wirral In It Together

Campaigner for open government. Wants senior public servants to be honest and courageous. It IS possible!
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