A J C Boone

Financial blow jobs for oligarchs and no representation of the masses is fomenting some sort of upcoming catastrophe in the USA. This nation can only be restored and rejuvenated with life term prison sentences for thousands of political, corporate, media, CIA, FBI, secret services and permanent government gangsters.

The Slog

In this shocking and yet brilliantly observed post, AJC Boone deconstructs the Goebbelsian propaganda in play thoroughout contemporary America, gripping the reader throughout with the evidence behind her fears. She examines the creation of blinkered catechism and vicious demonisation, suggesting with terrifying credibility that violent frustration and social breakdown in the US have moved from Hollywood future-fi to genuine probability.

Full disclosure: I am a housewife. My work-day is a tissue of trivial, repetitive tasks of the sort given to POWs to break their morale. However, the upside is that it gives me time to watch the passing political parade in the US and UK with a beady-eyed intensity that people with proper jobs can’t afford. I do notice a lot. (A hat-tip in advance to the beady-eyed among you who have noticed as much or more — a challenge to essayists these days is pitching arguments to abipolar audience.)

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Campaigner for open government. Wants senior public servants to be honest and courageous. It IS possible!
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