Q. Did governments EVER have the welfare and well-being of their citizens close to their heart?

A. No, obviously.

So why are they locking us down to “save lives”?

T H I N K !


About Wirral In It Together

Campaigner for open government. Wants senior public servants to be honest and courageous. It IS possible!
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2 Responses to I Am Banned. 4-6 WEEKS of LOCKDOWN: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

  1. Bobby47 says:

    As you well know old friend the term Lockdown, Don’t Do It and any other bloody thing that you can come up with that pretty much says, ‘You Cant’, doesn’t apply to me.
    None of it. I do exactly as I please and nothing ‘they’ can say or do will make a blind bit of difference to how I conduct the life I have. In fact, other than locking the Ale House door that prevents me gathering with the lads, supping Ale, playing Three Card Brag and discussing which famous women we’d like to kiss if they’d consent to us kissing them, there’s nothing I can think of that has made me comply to their madness.
    I completely ignore the arrows on the floor that instruct me on which way I should walk up the aisle in any shop, I don’t wear a mask, now will I ever wear their mask, I cough when I need to and when it’s sunny I’ll happily gaze up at the Sun and sneeze on myself and anyone else who might have plucked up the courage and venture into my ‘Bubble’. I do all this over and over again because I don’t care. I don’t care because it doesn’t matter whether or not I care because the outcome of whether I care or not has no impact upon the final logical conclusion to the madness that’s been served up to humanity. That is, we are all completely fucked and it seems as though there’s nothing anyone can do to avoid the final outcome which is, we are completely fucked up.
    No! There’s nothing that they can do to stop me doing whatever I please to do. Other than by nature being a completely awkward twat and happily still equipped with a mind that God equipped me with to rationally think things through, I honestly can’t think of one single thing ‘they’ can do to me that’d stop me being an awkward twat.
    And that’s it. That’s my rambling thought for the day. Irrational? Perhaps. But it beats anything else that might top Trump, pun intended, my reaction to all these apocalyptic messages of gloom, doom and death to all who refuse to do as they’re told.


    • You’re well in touch and working in harmony with your rights and freedoms, Bob. As more people find themselves unemployed, under attack, under the cosh, isolated or grieving after the government killed their old folks through callousness or incompetence, then there’ll be a growing body of angry citizens to reckon with, demanding justice and the return of their stolen rights and freedoms.


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