THE SUNDAY ESSAY: Age is just a number, but birth year is a guide to attitude

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Stop being afraid of frauds in denial about the way the human race deals with disease in a natural manner. Stop apologising for your collected ancient wisdom. Stop seeing models as reliable predictors of what will happen. Stop fearing the varietal financialising, divisive, Utopian, socialist International, Globalist persuaders, sociopathic bureaucrats and media whore mendacious censors. Stop conforming. Start fighting back against the Totalitarians. 

Bone-dry statistics one can track from, say, 2010 to today keep making the same point: that lower birth-rates and longer lives mean an increase in those aged 65+. Here’s an ONS chart for the 2010-16 period making that very point:


The problem is that making that point is missing the point. What matters here is the number of older people born during the initial postwar “boomer” period, and the education, values, influences and attitudes that shaped them. 

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Campaigner for open government. Wants senior public servants to be honest and courageous. It IS possible!
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1 Response to THE SUNDAY ESSAY: Age is just a number, but birth year is a guide to attitude

  1. Bobby47 says:

    I ain’t wearing a mask, I ain’t kneeling, and in fact, I’m not going to do anything the State tell me to do. Thinking about it some, i intend do the exact opposite. And it’s not because I’m a particularly awkward individual. I’m not. I’m a reasonable man who’s sick to the back teeth of being told who I should hate, who’s my enemy and how my body is going to be ravaged by Covid19 if I don’t wear their unholy mask and comply with their scaremongering that’s only being deployed to stop the people thinking for themselves.
    In short, everything they spew out is a bucket of undiluted rancid pigswill and I personally reject it all. Every bloody thing ‘they’ peddle out should be viewed with great scepticism. I mean I’d have a little more respect for them if they’d really come out with their game plan and make some overt utterings that made one think, ‘fucking hell. This sounds really dreadful’. At least be up front about their game of fear and propaganda
    Instead of something clinical such as Covid19, perhaps ‘they’ could push the boundaries of realism and give the next big disease a name that chills you to the bones and makes you think a little more about whether or not you’re prepared to live your life in a germ free tent and never feel the touch of another human contact ever again.
    Black bloody Death did the trick in medieval times. Today, why not the ‘Dead In Twenty bloody Minutes’ disease’ or ‘ The Ravenous Limb and Torso flesh eating disease’ that 100% guarantees that we’ll all be rendered completely fucked up if we refuse to follow their mindless rules that replace our humanity with a form of existence that really isn’t worth living for.
    Stupid? Course it is. But it’s no less irrational than the bollocks they’re demanding we conform to.


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