The Duran’s popular #Epstein and #Ukrainegate eBooks are selling well, and they’re making a very generous donation to brave Australian firefighters – Video Fifteen

Below is a link to the Duran website where you can purchase the#Epstein and #Ukrainegate eBooks for $4.99 each. From now on, 100% of the eBook money received will be donated to help the brave Australian firefighters, many of whom are volunteers.

Each eBook contains an additional foreword written by Alexander Mercouris, setting the scene for the contents to follow:

Visit now and use the DRN20 code for 20% off:

Also available are:


In this fifteenth video, Director Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief of The Duran Alexander Mercouris explain how The Duran, in a selfless and very generous gesture, will be contributing 100% of the proceeds of all of their eBooks to the New South Wales Rural Fire Service and Brigades Donations Fund. You can donate directly here:

Alexander Mercouris also spends more time describing the contents of the #Epstein and #Russiagate eBooks. We’ve personally read both, they have some unique and compelling insights and are an excellent addition to the coverage currently appearing in some of the UK media. The US media is failing to cover the massive #Epstein scandal whilst devoting acres of column inches to the non-scandal of #Ukrainegate:

The one [eBook] on #Brexit was done before the recent election in Britain but it’s still I think an interesting book and it explains a lot about the election. It also provides part of the explanation – by the way – why the Conservatives won the election. Just go to the #Brexit book and you’ll find out about that…”

Transcription contents here:

AC:  …but you can also donate to them by buying one of our Ebooks and then we will donate 100% of the proceeds to that charity in order to help Australia fight the fires, Alexander.

AM:  That’s right, because as I say, we’ve discussed this, we’ve talked about this a lot together. I should say the idea originally came from Alex and it was…we were all, when we heard about it on The Duran, Peter, myself, we thought this is absolutely the right thing to do. Because we’ve struggled with this story of fires in Australia. We all understand this is a big story, we also understand that this is an important story for people in Australia, and a very, very concerning one and people’s lives are at risk and the environment there is at risk. But it’s not something which as a geopolitical site, channel, we really know how to cover very well. I mean, it’s outside our area of expertise. And we’re not going to try and pretend that we know more about something than we actually do. So rather than just repeat other people’s talking points we said, how do we cover this story? And Alex said, well, we’ve got these eBooks, they’re selling quite well, let’s give the proceeds from these eBooks now to the people who are fighting these fires, putting their lives at risk, most of them – apparently nearly all of them – are volunteers. They’re putting their lives at risk trying to save Australia’s environment and lives and property and also apparently millions of animals which I hadn’t been aware of, it seems there’s been an absolute holocaust of animals in Australia too. So that way we will cover the story in the way that we can and we help people who deserve and need help and support.

So that’s why we’re doing that and those eBooks, there’s four of them in our shop. Two of them we did some time ago, one on #Russiagate, one on #Brexit. The one on #Brexit was done before the recent election in Britain but it’s still I think an interesting book and it explains a lot about the election. It also provides part of the explanation – by the way – why the Conservatives won the election. Just go to the #Brexit book and you’ll find out about that. But the two new books are about two big scandals underway in the United States, #Ukrainegate, this scandal about nothing, put together by a whistleblower who actually saw nothing, orchestrated by the Democrats in Congress and who called all these witnesses, none of whom knows anything either. It’s a scandal without crime, without wrongdoing, without witnesses and it’s dominated the media in the United States for weeks and weeks and weeks, so we’ve spent hours discussing it on our programmes and very frustrating it sometimes is for us to do but there we are. We’ve done it, we’ve explained it all in this book. And the other scandal, which is the real scandal with #Epstein, in which he…multiple crimes, many victims, gross abuse of people, terrible things done and of course the media avoids it entirely. And we have faced major censorship issues whenever we’ve tried to cover it. But cover it we have done and you can find all our analysis and our discussion in our book and both books, in fact all of our eBooks have prefaces which I’ve written, we summarise the various points that we on The Duran have been making. So you can buy those books, you can learn all about those two big scandals, indeed all those other subjects too, well, other topics and help those firefighters in Australia. And also you can donate directly to those firefighters. Alex has explained that. And of course if you can find a charity to do that without reference to us, please do so also. I mean…but we do urge you all the same to read our books if you want to understand those two big scandals in the US.


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