Supreme Court denies #Justice4NHS

UK Supreme Court stuffed with toffs who can lavish themselves with private health cover inflicts a corrosive, Americanised Health Strategy onto the public, one that monetises illness and suffering, targets profit at the cost of care, and shortens the lives of poor, sick, elderly and defenceless people who in their many thousands have expressed a strong desire to stop and dispense with this cruel and ruthless system.

Calderdale and Kirklees 999 Call for the NHS

In a decision that national campaign group 999 Call for the NHS have slated as “completely illogical”, the Supreme Court has denied permission for a final hearing of their legal challenge against a new cost-cutting National Health Service contract that aims to manage demand for health care.

The legal challenge has been supported by thousands of members of the public.

West Yorkshire members of 999 Call for the NHS Management Committee protest the Supreme Court ruling outside Calderdale Royal Hospital

Campaigners say that the contract, which radically changes the way NHS services are paid for, is clearly a means to justify further cuts to services. If implemented, it will have many profoundly damaging effects on the way NHS services are delivered.

Imported from the USA’s health care system, the contract was first known as the Accountable Care Organisation contract. But early in 2018, NHS England rebranded it as the Integrated…

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