Intimidation and the Hypocrisies of Public Life

Rewards for intimidation.

Lavished upon a group of people threatening Frank Field and his election agent and alleged racist Councillor George Davies, Deputy Leader of Wirral Council.


Cox 009

We’ve been forwarded the latest footage from the eye of the lens of our beloved Mr Brace by a number of people who thought it might be of interest.

Although Our Man Brace makes a guest appearance three minutes into Part 1 which was diverting especially when we clocked the facial expressions of Standards and Constitutional Oversight Committee  chair Cllr Moira ‘Matron’ McLaughlin who gives a whole new meaning to the expression clockwatching. However there were too many longueurs for our liking (that’s French for ‘boring bits’).

As usual it was a case of  councillors skirting round the most pertinent issues with Matron reminding committee members that they  “can get yourselves into a bit of a mess “ if they don’t follow the Council’s guidance and protocols. You don’t say ! – care to give some examples? There then followed a prolonged session of speaking in tongues about…

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1 Response to Intimidation and the Hypocrisies of Public Life

  1. John Brace says:

    I had what I was going to say timed out at around 4 1/2 minutes as Cllr McLaughlin stated I would have five minutes. As Cllr Ron Abbey on the Committee I felt a 1/2 minute allowance for possible heckling was reasonable, but from recollection he didn’t heckle.

    The only interruption came from the Chair at around the four minute mark to remind me I only had a minute left.

    I’m well used to public speaking within time limits. 😀

    The reason I filmed the Chair while I was speaking, is because it was unclear until I did speak, where I was going to be speaking from and by then I was too far away from the camera to move it into position or go to a wide shot.

    To be honest, I should’ve had that conversation before the meeting started (about where I would speak from), so lesson learned! As there were no microphones and the tea & coffee machine made a noise part way through (ironically this was in part of my remarks) I hope councillors and others actually heard what I said!


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