Pit of Despair

What’s stopping the Wirral Globe and the Liverpool Echo from hilighting this in their pages?
They must know about it?
And what is Margaret Greenwood doing right now since she was told?
Surely they are ALL sat there poised, waiting to hear from us and keen to act in the public interest …..aren’t they?
Presumably the local press would be very eager to cover a seriously injured child or worse at Woodchurch baths. So why not get in before hand and report such an obvious threat to life and limb?

Cynics would say It would help the Echo’s sales enormously emblazoning a local, avoidable tragedy up in banner headlines, then returning to squeeze the aftermath dry.



Pit 1

After all this week’s talk of Wirral Council’s ambitious plans we thought it be a good time to bring them down from their ivory towers/skyscrapers/ drug-fuelled (?)hallucinations and remind them they need to walk before they can run (up a big bill to be paid for by us).

We say this as we publish this salutary tale about what it’s like to try and report safety concerns about a Council run facility and ask the question as to how, as a society, did we reach the point where someone who wants to raise genuine concerns about the health and safety of children is afraid to do so in case there are repercussions for their family and reprisals for Wirral Council staff? Not for the first time – we despair!

The specific concerns are as follows were originally reported to the local press and local MP ( Margaret Greenwood) :


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Campaigner for open government. Wants senior public servants to be honest and courageous. It IS possible!
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