‘It Has To Stop’

Councillor Moira McLaughlin breaks new frontiers on foul hypocrisy. This is the woman who had undeclared links to a certain failed Head of Social Services at a time when learning disabled people spent nine years being financially abused. People died. One man was dressed in rags and walking around Angela Eagle’s constituency begging for food. There was somebody raped, but councillors and senior officers avoided serious case reviews like the plague and even delayed care packages for four weeks to save money during the infamous “4 week delay” scandal. All with the blessing of Moira McLaughlin and her hard right Labour chums.

The total sum stolen was £736,756.97 but she and her 65 colleagues, some of whom had been accrediting gangster care companies, were NEVER investigated by failed Anna Klonowski Associates.

AKA was paid £377,000 in total for her partnership with Wirral – and despite several requests, refused point blank to take minutes or dual-tape-record the interviews she conducted with those behind the abuse OR the main whistleblower and associated parties.  As a consequence, the villains flew the nest because no verbatim record of what they’d said was ever allowed to exist.  She took and KEPT control.

The same ruse was applied at Rotherham and Rochdale (Klonowski again), where everybody is up in arms because senior council officers and members got away with their potential involvement in CHILD ABUSE.  Newspapers are busy throwing their hands up with shock horror headlines, all for boosted sales, but not one has got onto the fact that the investigations were deliberately thrown, and given not a chance…  from the inside.

We will never know the true extent of senior officers’ or councillors’ complicity, thanks to Anna Klonowski at Wirral (and Rochdale), who squandered public money and was rewarded with more than £250,000  (£1,000 per page in her Wirral report) of our public money to help justice be perverted.

Still, here’s Moira, exhumed, vampire-like and dishing out punishment to a very convenient, if rather unsavoury junior bad girl and supposed lefty who appears to have half-hinched a few grand and upset them.


AnimatedStop‘It has to stop’ …..

These were the poignant words used by one of the whistleblowers at last night’s special meeting of the Standards and Constitutional Oversight Committee. These whistleblowers had been found to have been victimised by Labour councillor Louise Reecejones (LRJ) at a Standards Panel hearing held in June.

As we flagged up last week  in our Sorry/Not Sorry – The LRJ saga continues story it seems that LRJ didn’t offer up an adequate apology for her actions and compounded the original breach by continuing to victimise the same people who had been brave enough to act in the public interest and raise their concerns about how LRJ had allegedly handled the financial affairs of a charity.

We recommend you watch both parts of the John Brace videos below to witness the full halloween horrorshow.

Needless to say  it won’t surprise any of you to hear we have a…

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1 Response to ‘It Has To Stop’

  1. Nora Mccormack says:

    Labour councillors are just as dishonest as tories they all look after no1 line their pockets and pension pots for nice retirement they don’t give a s—t for constituants


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