Labour and the Snap Election

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Britain ElectionI
His many missteps notwithstanding,1 Jeremy Corbyn is still the most progressive party leader that the political mainstream in this country has ever thrown up. The Labour Right, full of sound and fury since September 2015, has failed in all that time to articulate even a single substantive critique of Corbyn’s policy proposals, many of which continue to enjoy a large measure of popular support. Instead, his colleagues in the PLP have chosen to busy themselves with snipes about the a priori ‘unelectability’ of their twice-elected leader. As Richard Seymour has written, ‘statements about someone’s ‘electability’ contain a performative element, in that they are usually trying to help create a consensus that they claim to be describing.’2 In the case of Jeremy Corbyn, such statements must be viewed within the wider context of a well-evidenced campaign of vilification, the viciousness of which makes sense only if you understand…

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2 Responses to Labour and the Snap Election

  1. pablored62 says:

    Thanks for this link – some very interesting articles.


  2. Bobby47 says:

    How many times have we howled at the television screen and demanded, ‘just give me some truth’. How often have we listened to PMQ’s or any other political programme and begged for just one politician to emerge who’d say it as it was, display some sincerity and above all give us all a reason to actually believe the slimy conniving bastard was on our side and someone who we could trust.
    Since the Liar with The Far Away Messianic Eyes emerged, where lies, self entitlement and a belief that we’d vote Labour no matter how many times he/they exploited our gullibility to our nations detriment, it seems as though we’d had enough and we’d all got the thinking equipment to work out who was an establishment twat and who wasn’t.
    Sadly, despite it all, despite the social engineering that Blair and his acolytes have indoctrinated into all of us, even now, even after all that’s been done to us in the name of New Labour, still, fucking despite it all, we cannot shift our collective ground, spot a good and kind and decent man and support Jeremy Corbyn. As if on step, time and beat, through the orchestration of the media, the establishment and the sycophantic, narcissistic remnants of New Labour, we still dance to their tune, blind to the message of a new, good, kind and decent man that is Jeremy Corbyn.
    Sadly, as a society, subjected to the constant barrage of what to think, how to think and who to vote for, we’ve managed to do exactly what we supposed to do. Sneer and scoff at the ideas of Jeremy, put our trust in the likes of Field and Eagles and hasten the departure of someone who only wanted to help working class people.
    Make no mistake, just like the new brooms of Farage, Trump and Le Pen (who I don’t like or agree with), we in Great Britain will reject Jeremy simply because ‘they’ don’t want him. And they most certainly don’t want us to have Jeremy. They don’t want Jeremy to succeed because ‘they’ don’t want Jeremy to succeed and if ‘they’ don’t want it, no matter what, we ain’t going to have it. Just like Trump, just like Farage, ‘they’ want us to have what ‘they’ want and ‘they’ don’t want Jeremy, and so, the likes of Eagles, Smith and all the rest of the Blair acolytes will continue to fuel and arm the media directing us to reject Jeremy Corbyn.
    The irony is, we all want change and yet, when the route to change emerges in the form of Jeremy, we manage to find it within us to vote against it and then complain, ‘just give us some truth’ and open the door to the likes of Field and Eagles. Isn’t it desperately sad?


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