#UKIP #StokeCentral campaigner p***es on house, tries to force entry. Help identify.


Shocking CCTV video footage has emerged of a UKIP leafleter in Stoke Central constituency pushing a leaflet through the door of an elderly lady then urinating on the wall of the house – and then, when the resident comes out to remonstrate with him, trying to force his way into her house in what must have been a terrifying assault.

A tweet showing a still of the incident and comments by the woman’s son are below, as is the video footage. If you recognise this individual, please contact this blog so the information can be passed to the police.

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1 Response to #UKIP #StokeCentral campaigner p***es on house, tries to force entry. Help identify.

  1. Bobby47 says:

    I hate this sort of behaviour. If there’s one thing that irritates me its being sat at home minding me own business and having someone urinating against the walls of my dwelling and then them trying to get inside me house when I don’t want them in it.
    Course, the Police ain’t helping to address this sort of anti social behaviour area. I’ve spoken with the local Commander and reluctantly he conceded that in the last ten years they’ve only prosecuted one individual for urinating up against someones brick wall and worse, they’ve never prosecuted anyone who’s pissed up a dwellings wall and then tried to get in the house thereafter.
    It’s this sort of couldn’t care less attitude by the Police that gets my eczema going red. It’s no wonder that good folk, hitherto not bothered about much else, don’t bother reporting things to the Police especially when they learn that they appear to be ignoring urinators who then try to get inside your house.
    Course, it’s who you know isn’t it. If I tipped up at Angela Eagles abode, pissed up the brickwork of her home and then started pushing at her door demanding, ‘open the door Eagle I’m coming in’, I’d be hauled off by the Constable and brought before the Magistrate. To right as well I say! You wouldn’t find me wasting the Courts time pleading Not Guilty. I’d face up to my wrongdoing and demand I was given a hefty slice of restorative justice and assure Angela that whilst I was guilty of pissing eight pints of ale up her masonry rendering and trying to gain entry to her house when I clearly wasn’t wanted in her house, I did not smash her window, I was not homophobic and there was no need for her to drag twenty seven other whstleblowng people into this dreadful case to prove I did it.


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