Confirmed – a definitive link between the spike protein and myocarditis – inflammation of the heart

Hey, Many are starting to feel concerned about the true dangers of the so-called COVlD “vaccines”… Especially since the highly reputable American Heart Association shared a peer-reviewed study that was published in the journal titled, Circulation… Which confirmed a definitive link between the spike protein and myocarditis – inflammation of the heart. This study included 16 teens and young adults who were hospitalized for post-vaccine myocarditis at the Massachusetts General Hospital or Boston Children’s. The researchers discovered that these teens and young adults had concerningly high levels of full-length spike protein in their blood that was completely unbound by antibodies. This is irrefutable evidence that these jabs ARE leading to deadly side effects. And here’s more… Open VAERS, which is a reporting system for vaccine-related adverse injuries and deaths… Clearly shows how prevalent myocarditis is in people who got vaxxed:These numbers alone are extremely concerning, and we know this only represents 1% of the actual numbers. According to world-renowned expert, Dr. Bryan Ardis… “In 2010, Harvard, the university, actually contacted the CDC and told them they wanted to do a review of the VAERS system. … and they review three years of data submitted to VAERS, and they find that less than 1% of all vaccine injuries get reported to VAERS, that occurred. They found the number one reason was that medical doctors didn’t even know that the VAERS system even existed, didn’t even know what it was.” But apart from this… The numbers that HAVE been reported are still way too high for this program not to be completely shut down. Vaccines and drugs have been immediately withdrawn in the past for causing far fewer injuries and deaths than this. I am not sharing this information to scare you, my mission is to help you become aware of the true dangers. This is something everyone who got the vaccine was denied… Informed consent. No one knew they agreed to get injected with a deadly poisonous blood-clotting substance. And so many people were unfairly forced to get one or more shots through unethical mandates, threats, and emotional abuse… If you did get the jab… then I am happy you’re reading this right now. Because I’ve been interviewing the top doctors and health experts who are helping many myocarditis and vaxx injured patients to restore their health… “That’s all we see now. I mean, the only myocarditis I’ve seen in the last 2 years is from the vaccine, so we’ve treated several hundred cases.” – Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, family medical doctor The reality is that whether you’re feeling symptoms post-vaccine or not, experts still encourage you to follow these simple protocols. Because if we’ve learned anything from the media reports lately about the dramatic increase in “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome”… Which experts have clearly linked to the heart diseases caused by these clot shots… It’s that myocarditis isn’t the only concerning heart-related disease that people are suffering from. We’re seeing people collapsing and even dying after having a cardiac arrest… People are having heart attacks… all of this is in the Open VAERS database. I really care about you and your loved ones getting access to this information because I know that it will save lives – whether you got vaxxed or someone you care about… The solutions that the media, health authorities and the global government will NOT admit exist – because they’re censoring these dangers altogether–-

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Campaigner for open government. Wants senior public servants to be honest and courageous. It IS possible!
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