BREAKING. IMPORTANT TRANSCRIPT. Hammersmith Police Station Crime Number 6029679/21 – Are you planning to intervene and notify the police about the crimes against humanity occurring at ‘vaccine’ centres located throughout the United Kingdom? Do you want to save lives? Here is the information you’ll need to take with you…

The following forms a transcript of the lady’s dialogue from the video interview between Police Constable Stephen Winn of Leicestershire Constabulary and an unidentified female member of the public that was aired publicly yesterday.

If you feel you want to enter a local police station, make an intervention and lodge a report, the following could either be read verbatim or could give you some excellent pointers on exactly what to say.

If the police agree to assist you in apprehending the alleged offenders, you could accompany them to the vaccine centres and bear witness to them carrying out their duties in closing down these vaccine centres and thereby saving lives, preventing injuries and protecting the UK public.

Reporting Vaccine Crimes Against Humanity to the Police

“Before we get started, just so I know who you are, can I first ask, are you acting under your oath today?

And for the record, can we have your name and your badge number and also, are you stationed here in this police station?

Okay, thank you. So the reason we’re here today – and you may or may not know this – the COVID19 vaccinations are now under criminal investigation with CID police station in Hammersmith in London, so MET Police investigation. This has come about as a result of the catastrophic death and injury figures to both adults and children across the UK. We have a Metropolitan Police case number which I can give to you later. Also, this case has been acknowledged by the International Criminal Court in The Hague. We have an application reference number for that as well. The filing has been acknowledged by the International Criminal Court on 6th December 2021.

We also have 1,100 pieces of evidence to present to you today. We can email it over. Just letting you know we have the evidence to forward to you if you need it. So as far as we’re aware, all Chief Constables around the UK should now be aware of this case because of course it’s an international situation. And that is why we’re here today; to ensure that you here, at this police station and in the surrounding areas are aware and are upholding your duty and oath to protect the people of the UK.

There is significant and irrefutable forensic evidence and hundreds of witness statements from victims, whistle-blowers and experts to confirm serious harm, injury and death caused by the COVID19 vaccines. This evidence is currently being gathered by Hammersmith Police. It is my understanding that they are overwhelmed with the amount of people coming forward to make statements.

Now, if you’re wondering – which I’m sure you are – why you have not yet heard about this, there is a deliberate blanket campaign of misinformation underway by the government and the mainstream media. The UK government controls mainstream media and senior government ministers, civil servants and the media are implicated in the following alleged crimes. And evidence to support that has been submitted to Hammersmith CID. Crimes being cited are:

o Misfeasance in public office

o Misconduct in public office

o Conspiracy to commit grievous bodily harm

o Conspiracy to administer to administer a poisonous and noxious substance to cause serious harm and death

o Gross negligence

o Manslaughter

o Corporate manslaughter

o Corruption

o Fraud

o Blackmail

o Murder

o Conspiracy to commit murder

o Terrorism

o Genocide

o Torture

o Crimes against humanity

o False imprisonment

o Multiple breaches of our human rights

o War crimes

o Multiple breaches of the Nuremberg Code 1947

o Multiple breaches of the Human Rights Act 1998

And I believe Treason will also be added to that list a little later on, down the line. So as you can see, this could potentially be the world’s largest criminal investigation. It is now underway. It is just beginning. And it is also taking place in numerous countries around the world. And the evidence is overwhelming and irrefutable. So in accordance with Section 3 of the Criminal Law Act 1967, we now call upon you to assist us in the closure of all vaccine centres within your jurisdiction. The Criminal Law Act 1967 Section 3 states: A person may use such force as is reasonable in the circumstances in the prevention of crime or in effecting or assisting in the lawful of offenders or suspected offenders, or of persons unlawfully at large.

These gene therapy drugs are the murder weapon. This is the weapon that the UK Government is using to hurt, maim and kill millions of people in the UK. The evidence must be seized by the police as part of this investigation. It is incumbent upon you to do that without fail in all police jurisdictions around the UK. The Criminal Law Act 1967 gives any man or woman the authority and the power to prevent crime. We also have authority to use force as is reasonable, necessary and proportionate in order to prevent that crime from happening. You may be resistant to this, however there is now a live criminal investigation in place. You have a duty to protect the people. You are public servants who we pay with public taxes and public money. You work for us. If crime, injury, serious harm and death is being committed, it is incumbent upon you in your office of constable, on oath, which you swore to protect us, the people from said harm. If you are in attendance, it is your duty to gather evidence and seize the weapon, which in this case are the vaccine vials. These vaccine vials should then be taken into protective custody and detained in your property evidence stores to be independently, forensically tested as a matter of urgency. This is a fact in law.

The law is the same whether you are a police constable in uniform or whether you are a citizen, a man or woman, that is sovereign. The police have a duty. That duty is to respond and act accordingly. If the police fail to do their job, they are committing an offence of misconduct in public office and perverting the course of justice. If they know offenders are responsible for these crimes and they do anything to assist those offenders, or prevent those crimes from being detected, or deliberately frustrate the criminal investigation, they are also guilty of an offence of assisting a known offender.

May I remind you that you work for the people. You do not work for the government. It is the government ministers, the civil servants, and the media bosses who are committing these disgusting and heinous atrocities against millions of people throughout the United Kingdom. It is ridiculous to expect us to address Members of Parliament. They are the very people committing these crimes. We do not speak to the offenders. That is the job of the police and these people must be arrested.

So the crime number is 6029679 / 21. It is from Hammersmith CID.

We want all police stations around the country to be actively involved in this investigation and start to gather information because this isn’t just happening in London. People around the whole of the UK are dying and being injured. And so you have a responsibility to ensure that this is stopped. So every single police force should be proactive in this.

We would like to go to the vaccine centres, anywhere that’s administering vaccines as soon as possible and have your support in having that stopped. Because it is an investigation and whilst there’s an investigation, with such serious crimes, if we leave it, more people can be injured and die.

We will go to numerous police stations because we know the nature of the beast here is it’s going to be hushed up. And we can’t allow that to happen with such a loss of life.

We’re recording this to educate people. We’ve seen what’s on the media and people are being silenced. I know people who have been injured and they are being silenced and it’s heartbreaking. It just makes me want to cry.

I’m not here to give a personal opinion. I’m not here to be right or wrong. But people are dying and it needs to stop. And that’s just a matter of humanity, not opinion.

I realise you don’t know what you’re dealing with. That’s absolutely fine by us. You can’t change or turn this on the spin of a coin. You need to be informed about what’s actually going on.

We are individuals. We are people who care. We just don’t want to see…and the children. They’re just going to start vaccinating the little children. There’s no excuse for that. Children should not die because they’re not at risk. It’s just unforgivable.

We won’t come in for an answer. It’s literally to bring awareness of the magnitude of what is before us, and every single one of us has a role. Every single one of us. No matter whether they’re the man on the street or whatever our role is in society. We all have a responsibility to the rest of humanity.

I look forward to hearing from you.”

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  2. Robert Willey says:

    A criminal complaint of THIS MAGNITUDE MUST be investigated by the UK police force.Anything short of that degrades our rule of law ethic and democracy in general.If the case is dropped without thorough investigation taking place,it will only serve to add fuel to the conspiracy theories.


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